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Buy Pearl Necklaces For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Pearl Necklaces


Ever wonder what is the one thing that could possibly match the gleam in your beautiful eyes? Well of course, the obvious answer is a Pearl, the beauty of the deep seas!


Pearls have a way of adding grace to any woman's personality and are nothing less than a standard of royalty. Pearl Necklaces are one of the evergreen trends in fashion history. Right from the time of Marilyn Monroe flaunting her panache with thick pearl chokers, pearls till date grace every kind of occasion from casual parties to magnificent events. The best part? They blend in with all kinds of ensembles. So don't give it a second thought before adding these babies to your Jewellery box!


Choosing The Right Pearl


Pearl Necklaces come in a variety of styles, and the milky beauties deserve extra attention to what they are donned with. They are available in four varieties - these are Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls, and Tahitian Pearls. Moreover, a wide range of colours is available as well in various undertones as well. These vary from light colours of pale white, pink, yellow, etc. to classy black and platinum colours. If styled the right way, a pearl necklace can in itself make a statement for its wearer, and may not even need to be teamed with other jewellery.


  1. The Dressy Look - If you're looking for some glamour to add to your outfit, a string of big pearls is nothing less than ideal. Apart from this, strings of pearls come in various shapes and designs. Another classic example is the double strings of pearls. Add flair to that captivating saree of yours with a long double string of thin pearls. These are often combinations of yellow, pale white, and platinum coloured pearls. Not only this, but we at Limeroad also bring to you variations of the classic pearls with colourful stones and beads to match your other accessories as well.
  2. The Sophisticated Look - A thin thread adorned with a pearl in the center takes your natural beauty to another level. No matter what the occasion, a pearl stands out, and adds subtle sophistication to your aura. These necklaces go well with single thread earrings and have a way of accentuating your collarbone. Don the trendy Silver Metal pearl necklace by The Bling studio offered at Limeroad, with a sleek off shoulder A-line dress, and make heads turn at the party tonight! These necklaces also come in choker variations for a more Boho chic look and go ideally with all kinds of attires from skinny jeans to body-con dresses.

Is there any kind of apparel that cannot be teamed with a pearl set? We doubt. Pearls have an ethereal quality about them. However, it can also be said that this is what makes them a little more expensive. For those who are looking for a quick dress up in a light mood, the recent trend of pearl imitation jewellery makes the world a better place! The easiest way to tell a real pearl from an imitation is to rub it against your teeth. While a real pearl will feel grainy, an imitation pearl will rub soft against the surface of your teeth.


An integral must have on the jewellery stand, there is no way the beauty of a pearl can ever be overstated. So choose your favourite type and go full glossy on the world out there!