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Buy peter england wallets and bags for men in India @ Limeroad

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Peter England Wallets For Men


Peter england is a leading men's brand from accessoriez to men's clothing peter england steals our hearts away. Remember the times when fashion was just a woman's thing in india? Well, neither do we that thing is as old as 70s or 80s and then the 90s came and changed the whole definition of fashion and style for men and women both.


Ever since the 20th century fashion has been evolving and growing it's not limited to just one area rather you name a thing and we'll make it fashionable. Peter england is mostly known for adding style to mens formals and how can we forget how important of an accessory wallets are when it comes to men's wear.


Men can't do much with jewellery of course except wrist watches, bracelets or brooches but when it comes to wallets men have a variety of options thanks to brands like peter england which don't let style go out of fashion.


Make A Statement


It's really important when you're working in corporate world to be smart and to look smart. Most people you ever meet in life are gonna judge you from the way you talk and from what you wear and what kind of accessories do you carry with it. For men we personally believe the most important accessory is their wallet.


Peter england offers a wide variety or stylish and elegant wallets for you to carry casually,  formally and fashionably. You can keep as many wallets as you want one for each occasion. Why to get bored and use the same wallet everyday when you've got all this choice on limeroad? Start shopping now and look as stylish as you wanna look and keep stunning the hearts of eligible women all around you.


Men who look good and smell good are likely to attract more attractive women than others not just romantically but also in an another friendly way. It's always easier to get along with people when you're smart and stylish. Here's a few tips on choosing your perfect wallet.

  • For formal occasions you can carry a white or black or even brown wallet. Go for a nice shiny one not too fancy and not too simple you're good to go.


  • You can buy a plane wallet for casual occasions or a printed one. Our advice is keep both kinds in your wardrobe and then you get to have a choice according to your mood.


  • While going to a party you can carry a fancy and shiny wallet.  You formal wallet works too but the more the merrier so keep shopping.

Frequently asked questions
Is peter england an indian brand?
Yes, it's another division of aditya birla group.
1 answers
What is peter england known for?
Peter england is known for mens formal wear.
1 answers
Does peter england manufacture wallets for men?
Yes, peter england has wide variety of casual and formal wallets for men.
1 answers
What types of wallets are available on peter england for men?
All kinds of formal, casual and elegant party style wallets are available at peter england for men.
1 answers
Is it a premier brand?
Yes, its a premier men's formal wear brand.
1 answers
What segments does peter england deal in?
From mens casual wear to formal wear peter england also deals in an innovative line of denims, lenins and accessories.
1 answers
Do we get genuine leather wallets at peter england?
Sure you'll find synthetic to genuine wallets under the label of peter england .
1 answers
Is peter england an english brand?
Although it originated in ireland but then it was taken over by aditya birla group in 2000s. Ever since it's been an indian brand.
1 answers
What colour wallets can i carry with formal wear?
Although we believe you're not colour bound but if it's about a suggestion We'd say you go with mostly nude, white or black.
1 answers
Are formal wallets good for party wear occasions?
Yes, they work not a problem.
1 answers