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Pillar candles


India is a country where fire is considered one of the 5 prime physical elements of cosmic nature. Where we celebrate ‘festival of lights’ risking the air quality around us. Where power cuts are not at all surprising. It can’t be an exaggeration to say that candle, a source of light and fire, is the Indian ubiquitous household item.


Pillar candle is a particular variety of candle with a broad base that stands in its own without the need for a holder. The diameter to height ratio is maintained within a certain range so that the candle doesn’t flip off.


Spaces like wedding buffet halls, restaurants, spa decor make the best use of pillar candle arrangements to bring life to the environment with alternating moving patterns of light and shadow.


These days nothing comes without variants. So is the pillar candle. With variations in shape, colour, model, fragrance, size, price range, they give a pool of options to dive in.


  1. Shape - Cylindrical or cuboid shaped pillar candles add form and radiant glow to the space. Whether you want to decorate a curve edged stone platform or a flat rectangular wooden base, you can pick these rigid structural pieces accordingly.
  2. Colour - Coloured pillar candles are usually not dipped but solid colours all through. Till the last fire, there would be no change in colour. Ivory, burgundy,blue, pink, orange, green, grey, white, and a variety of colours across the spectrum are available.
  3. Size - The diameter of the base varies from 1 to 3 inches. Height lies somewhere between 1.5 to 9 inches. Pillar candles come as single pieces or a set of similar two or a family set with four to 6 different sizes.
  4. Fragrance - Scented or unscented, there is always a personal choice. Scented candles offer multiple options like British Rose, Sandalwood, Persian lemon, Lavender, Vanilla, oriental fig etc.  Admirers of dull, sweet, relaxing smell can go for vanilla and similar ones. Favourites of sharp, refreshing odour incline towards lemon, rose variants.
  5. Models - Based on the overall outward appearance, pillar candles can be categorized into following types
  6. Button candles

Short height (less than 1 inch) candles where height is less than the diameter of the candle. The diameter is also usually less than 2 inches. They appear like buttons and hence the name. They are also called as tea light candles. They are available in sets of 6, 10, 12 and so on.

    • Shelled candles

Paraffin wax enclosed in a glass boundary wall with quotes printed on the surface. When not lit, they simply can be the showpieces wearing on inspiring or loving quotes.

    • Marble pillar candles

High end pillar candles having the dynamic marble patterns and smooth finish with a small wick. When not in use, they look like pillars of marble and so are they called.

    • Dome shaped pillar candles

These are sleek tall candles with very small diameter base. These are the most famous types of candles used in candle light marches, churches etc.

    • Bottled / Pillar jar candles

A jar like container with a lid is filled with wax and a wick. When lit, the lid must be open as lack of oxygen puts off combustion. When not lit, these are beautiful glass pieces with colour or white wax fillings and metallic rings.


Who doesn’t want to add a dramatic effect to surroundings at affordable prices ? Make sure you check of burn hours and toxin free candles to lend pleasure to your experience. Also, take care not to place them within the reach of children and also avoid proximity to flammable substances. If there is anything you can gift yourself, it is a scented candle that relieves the stress like a magical spell. Limeroad makes your task easier with handpicked best collections available at discounted prices and easy purchase experience. Don’t wait to light up your life.