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Buy Pink Panties For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Pink Panties


'Pink panties! What PINK PANTIES?', Yes that's the reaction of a girl when they hear 'pink panties'. First of all, the pink hue is mostly every girl’s favourite and secondly, panty is an intimate garment, so it's important. Pink is an adorable colour and like other colours, pink has various shades too, for instance, Rose, Blush, Peach, Strawberry, Rosewood, Bubblegum, Magenta, Hot pink, Ballet Slipper, Crepe, Watermelon, and the list goes on.


Like boys, there are many girls who don't know the difference between various shades and confuse all of them to be same. When it comes to panties, what matters more than colour is the quality, comfort, material, fabric, shape and size. When your most intimate undergarment fulfills every demand and comes in your favourite colour, it's a happy ending.

Types Of Pink Panties

There are around eight types of panties, among which most are unknown to girls.

1. Thongs- Thongs are a piece of clothing used as a underwear in which the front is covered and the back is left bare. These are mostly beachwear.
2. Boyshorts- These panties give full coverage to the front and back and goes long way till the hips. They resemble the boys' men's knit boxer shorts. In many places, these underwears are worn regularly as a gym wear. These are comfortable yet fashionable.
3. Cheeksters- These panties show a little bit of the buttocks. They look cute and are always in trend.
4. Hipsters- As you can guess from the name, these panties give coverage to the hips and are little high-waisted. However, the waistband is always around the waist.
5. Bikinis- These are very common beachwear. This type of panties have waistband always around the waist but the panties give little coverage, they're more of a revealing panty. One should be comfortable wearing these.
6. Seamless and no-show- Seamless panties are made with special circular knitting method by the manufacturers. Their main aim is to eliminate the panty line in the edges.
7. Cotton- Underwears made of cotton are the best preference of ladies when at leisure. They are soft, comfortable, rarely gives wedgies and are easy to find.
8. Briefs- There are around three types of Briefs commonly found- classic briefs, control briefs and high cut briefs. Generally, briefs are underwear which goes up to the navel or just below the navel and gives full coverage.

Where To Find The Pink Underwear?


Now that you know everything the pink colour, its shades, it's variations, shapes and sizes, it's time to focus on the important thing, where exactly can you find them which fits your budget as well as your fantasy pink panty? The solution is us i.e. LimeRoad. We have a variety of pink panties including top brands like Zivame, Jockey, Blush, Prettysecrets and lots more. The price is affordable which starts at Rs. 99 to Rs. 1299. The pink panties are available in all the sizes. You can even find the pink panties in different fabric material and also in different shapes. You can find all these products on the site of LimeRoad or you can download the app from Google play store or IOS store.