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Plain Sarees With Contrast Blouses

When we decide to wear a simple or Plain saree or a Georgette saree, we try not to disrupt the balance much. In other words, we wear a  contrast blouse that has the colors of the saree or generally a gold or silver blouse. For sarees that are of a single color with zari all over on border or any other work on borders, we stick mainly to the saree color. For a change try out a contrast blouse on a plain saree. It will elevate the entire look of your simple saree.


Here are some appropriate contrast blouse and plain saree combinations.


Fashion And Options


Red And Blue Combination

For a red Kanjeevaram or any other designer red saree which surely is a part of all wardrobes instead of a regular red blouse, try to pair it with a blue blouse. Heavy work contrast blouses, elbow length blouses or half sleeves Blouses, anything will work with the powerful contrast blouse-saree combination. The same thing will work vice versa or you can say for a deep blue plain saree paired with a nice red contrast blouse.


Purple And Orange


Another two powerful combination which are trendy nowadays a lot and it has to be treated with care when you try them together. We are sure it will work out very well just like with everyone. Just keep in mind that you do not go overboard with the jewelry when you wear these purple and orange saree and Blouses. Together as it will get a great combination. So, If you are trying this combination as a bride then yes sure this will surely be your best friend. But here we are talking about plain saree with a contrast blouse. And this would surely be a perfect option.


Blue And Pink

Two very pleasing colors combination which is trendy and available in plenty of shades in their own spectrum is blue and pink, which are very great combos if you try this combo as a saree and Blouse. Grab a royal blue blouse with a pink saree or try a hot pink contrast blouse with a deep blue saree. These contrast blouse combos with a plain saree look great and sure is a nice option for all the ladies.


Pink And Gold


For a gold or yellow Kanjeevaram saree instead of a gold blouse with heavy work if you like it try it out, now you can opt for a pink contrast blouse which will surely be a unique and stylish option. Both light and bright shade of pinks Blouses work well and give your plain saree the emphasis it needs. You can pair this Combo with both gold or diamond jewelry to complete your grand occasions.


Green And Red


An evergreen combo, try a red blouse with a green plain saree or also go for green Blouses with a red saree. Even with a light green or a parrot green plain saree, a red contrast blouse looks awesome.


The style of the plain Saree and contrast blouse designs perfect for any occasion. For example, nowadays silk brocade saree and contrast brocade blouse are in fashion too.

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