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Buy Plain Sarees With Golden Border For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Plain Sarees With Golden Border For Women


Sarees with golden border are a classic and it is a must-have for the cupboard to every woman. The golden border with a plain saree is a huge hit mostly because of the fact that the plain saree gives the golden border it’s own platform to shine. It looks simple and traditional, something that can be worn in festive functions and even casually at times.


The Plain Saree


What is a plain saree anyway? Well as it says, plain. The word could be interpreted two ways, one is to simply say the saree is a solid color and another is to say that saree has little to simple designs with a border, in this case, it’s golden!


Simply put you can call it a plain saree as long as it looks and appears as a simple and plain style.


The Golden Border


This is where it gets interesting, there are actually different designs of the border, the fashion industry is getting more and more creative even when it comes to the border. We have picked some of the trending ones on limeroad.


  • The Classic Border: The border which started all the buzz about golden border at the first place. Just a simple solid golden block of print along the border of the saree. Recommended: Satrani Green Bordered Saree
  • The Print in The Classic: The same border with a simple and a, more importantly, a golden only imprint on the border. Recommended: Classic From The House of Chennai Skills Red Cotton Bordered Saree.                                                                                           
  • The Golden Stripes: This is also popular besides the simple one, well in a way these are also simple. One can say it’s the classic golden border divided into stripes. Recommended: Swaron Delicate Golden Border Kota Doria Saree
  • The Pattern Of Gold: By now we have only talked about how the solid cylindrical border turns out to be in a different style but this is about classic plus the golden pattern outside it. Recommended: Varkala Silk Sarees Black Art Silk Bordered Saree

An Easy Way To Buy


We have talked about a plain saree with border a lot now, and even recommended some of them! But what if you want to explore more options and look for yourself on limeroad.


It’s pretty simple actually all thanks to limeroad filter option. Just navigate to the Saree Section and then choose the filter prints and patterns to choose the “ solid with border” option. Then go further down by clicking more and clicking the filter “pallu” which means the drape that goes over your shoulder. There you can click “gold border”. You will simply get all the solid color sarees with golden color bordered.


Alternatively, for more of a wide range of options, you can just select the pallu option and go for gold border to get the page where you will find all the sarees with golden border. Here you may select your own “plain” version of the saree. Or choose from the many prints and patterns option if you are looking for something more specific.


Happy shopping!