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plastic spoons

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Plastic Spoons


What is the cheapest, durable material out there? Make your life easy on budget with spoons made from this revolutionary piece of material- Plastic! A plastic spoon is like any other spoon or you can replicate any spoon with the help of plastic and these spoons are very handy, lightweight and easy to clean. Do not worry with the hush and tough of where to buy it from. LimeRoad has got you covered with these rock-bottom piece of cutlery and these plastic spoons.


As the name suggests the spoons are made of plastic and the cutlery are made from a specific type of plastic polystyrene 1 or expanded polystyrene or Styrofoam and spoons made from these plastics are very difficult to recycle and so this is called food grade plastic.


Types Of Plastic Spoons


The plastic spoons are of different types and are separated under different category. Some spoons are reusable and made from high grade of plastic and are manufactured for household use and there are some spoons which are not reusable and are kind of use and throw made up with low grade of plastic and generally used in restaurants and house parties where it is very difficult to wash steel or high grade plastic spoons. Plastic spoons can be forged in any spoons they can be of any size since it is very easy to mold plastic so teaspoons, soup spoons and tablespoons are also made up of plastic which comes handy and one stop solution to serve our everyday needs.


Why Plastic Spoons?


Plastic spoons are cheap and durable and the cost is one of the prime reasons that these spoons are bossing the market. Knowing the fact that this element has its own disadvantages like there is no plastic which is safe even if it is made up of high grade plastic and you also cannot use plastic while cooking where too high temperature can melt the plastic then why to use it? There are lots of factors as plastic spoons they are lightweight, flexible and easy to transport and you do not have to clean it every single time- you can dispose it too. They are stain resistant and are available in any colour you want and nowadays if cost is not your issue then there are also biodegradable plastic spoons available in the market which are a way cheaper than metal spoons.


Bring vibrant colours to you kitchen with these cute plastic spoons at an extremely affordable price. LimeRoad brings you these spoon with some great discounts along with the quality of the trusted brands and you can choose from a wide range of plastic spoons to serve the purpose you want it to- be it serving or eating. You can eat ice cream, use it to eat liquid and semi liquid food like soup, curry and the best part is plastic is did not get stain. You can get any kind of plastic spoon and Lime Road got you all this at your fingertips.


Shop Only At LimeRoad


So have you decided where to shop plastic spoons from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this fashion platform your one-stop destination! Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!