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Buy Pochampally Sarees For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Pochampally Sarees For Women

Pochampally is the name that comes from the eponymous village of what is known as Telangana state today. This eye catching artwork pieces traces its origin to the 18th century, the era which witnessed the mystic beauty of this fabric emerging out of the Pochampally town in Andhra Pradesh. However, in the 1970s the panel of headmen of Pochampally decided to blend the essence of cotton and silk together by weaving them together to upscale their living conditions. Pochampalli were woven only in coarse cotton to begin with, as silk was added much later.

The weavers of Pochampalli saree follow a pattern of weaving as at first the yarn for the wrap is stretched on their blocks of quarter circle and they have a strong peg connecting a circular segment of wooden plank and the thread is stretched on it and divided into a number of sets. After the weaving is done, the artisans go for dyeing the fabric and the dying process is repeated several times. The process of dyeing involves taking off the yarn and stretching it and then it is partly opened and tied again for dyeing. This particular method of weaving the Pochampally sarees is similar to the tie-and-dye method but the yarn is dyed before weaving.

Pochampally silk is known for its intricate motifs and designs imprinted onto the fabric through the smoothest and finest thread-work of cotton and silk. The geometrically patterned designs are colored and are artistically woven into the Pochampally fabric adding more elegant look. In today’s age designs, motifs and patterns have climbed up the ladder of advancement and modifications according to the taste of younger generations.

Varieties of products are being imprinted by this embroidered fabric by the Pochampally weavers and in this way the cotton silk blended fabric has been touched by the wand of innovation and transformation giving more glamor and elegance to the entire look.

Due to the intricate nature of the designs on this saree, most women choose simpler forms of jewelry and this saree can be paired by wearing a shoe with high heels as it complements the saree with a more enhanced look.

Pochampally sarees are considered a formal wear saree and is most appropriate for weddings, festivals and other occasions. Simple designed pochampally sarees can also be worn to the workplace.The pochampally sarees are to be dry-cleaned for longer shelf life as this preserves the tie-dye effect for longer time.

Pochampally sarees have variety of colour patterns with fabric varieties from an ordinary saree to a pure silk saree with intricate detailing work , block prints, motifs, geometric ikat designs which are made of the perfect combination of silk and cotton.

Online shopping at LimeRoad offers you with a wide range of pochampally sarees varieties available according to your budget, fabric, colour ranges from light to bold colours,

with minimal to grand working on the saree suitable for everyone’s taste and need. Happy Shopping!!