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POLICE Perfumes For Men

POLICE is an Italian style house that was established in 1983. At first, the brand sold shades for ladies and men before other product offerings were propelled. Today Police sell a wide range of eyewear, adornments and watches, embellishments, for example, belts and, obviously, fragrances. The main self-titled scent of the house was propelled in 1997. This aroma, formed around new best notes, flower center notes and woody and musky base notes is regularly alluded to as POLICE Original.


Fashioner POLICE has 64 scents in our aroma base. The soonest release was made in 1998 and the most current is from 2019. POLICE aromas were made in a joint effort with perfumers Celine Ripert, Drom, Pierre-Constantin Guéros and Domitille Bertier.


B-Cool by POLICE is an Aromatic Spicy scent for men. B-Cool was propelled in 2006. Top notes are basil, grapefruit and pear; center notes are lavender, tagetes and cardamom; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, cashmere wood and vetiver.


Uomo POLICE by POLICE is an Aromatic Spicy scent for men. Uomo POLICE was propelled in 2004. Top notes are pimento and cardamom; center notes are violet, sage and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, golden and musk.


POLICE Interactive fragrant pair was propelled in 2001 as an image of attractive fascination. Intuitive pour Homme is new, woody, green fragrance. Top notes: geranium, ivy and violet leaves. Heart: peony, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang and nutmeg. Base: cedar, sandalwood, white musk and golden. The jug was structured by Massimo Dell'Acqua.


POLICE Legend for Man by Police is a Woody Spicy scent for men. This is another fragrance. Top notes are dark pepper, absinthe and lavender; center notes are star anise, coumarin and geranium; base notes are calfskin, vetiver and amberwood.


POLICE Icon opens with an astonishing association of pink pepper, cardamom and strawberries which are joined to declare a fragrant round of lavandine and rosemary in the heart developed and warmed with patchouli. The base of the sythesis fuses hot notes of labdanum mixed with delicate and erotic vanilla.


Contemporary by POLICE is a Woody Aromatic scent for men. Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit and juniper; center notes are lavender, rosemary, mint, jasmine, geranium, violet and clary sage; base notes are sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, musk and tonka bean.


Magnificent Patchouli by POLICE is a Woody Chypre scent for men. Royal Patchouli was propelled in 2015. Top notes are mandarin orange, bergamot and flavors; center notes are flower notes and green notes; base notes are patchouli and woody notes.


Stun In-Scent For Men by POLICE is an Aromatic Fougere scent for men. This is another scent. Stun In-Scent For Men was propelled in 2019. Top notes are bergamot, pepper, cardamom and grapefruit; center notes are lavender, mint, cedar and birch leaf; base notes are patchouli, tonka bean and musk.


Illegal for Man by POLICE is an Aromatic Fougere scent for men. Taboo for Man was propelled in 2016. Top notes are bergamot and dark pepper; center notes are lavender and cardamom; base notes are musk and golden.


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