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Pom Pom Earrings For Women


Earrings are a must for any woman these days. Whether they are trendy colorful beads or full-fledged royal gold earrings adorning the ears on a wedding ceremony. Earrings have always been considered as part of the traditional attire. These days however, earrings have become a part of the modern attire as well. And quite rightly so. No matter where you go its hard to find someone that hasn’t donned a pair of earrings. So, Limeroad brings to you a vast and meticulously curated collection of earrings that are bound to meet all your aesthetic as well as functional needs. These are multi-purpose jewelry and can be used on a large number of different occasions. Regardless, of the occasion or the venue or the particular cause of the meet up, the right pair of earrings can never get your wrong.

Like many other ornaments and jewelries that are the norm today earrings are made from a large number of different materials. They are composed of a variety of components. These usually include materials like plastic, metal, glass, precious stones, beads, wood, bone and various other materials. Also in a single earring the various parts of the earring could very well be made of different materials. The post, the clutch and the wire or the thread that hold together a basic stud earring can all be made of different materials. Earrings come in a variety of designs that include all sorts of shapes like barbells, dangling and studs and many others. The size is ultimately limited by the physical capacity of the ear lobe to hold the tearing without tearing off. However heavier earrings if worn for a long period of time may cause the stretching of the ear lobe and that of the piercing. Earrings can be of various types and therefore one must be aware of the kind of earring that one is looking for before buying them.

What Are Pom Pom Earrings?

Pom pom earrings are earrings that resemble a pom pom. It is because of the fact that they are circular or semi-circular in design. These earrings usually come in the design of a hoop and this hoop can be made to pass through the ear piercing. These earrings are usually made of hollow metal tubes which is joined with a thin wire attachment that penetrates the ear. The hollow metal tubing is permanently held to the wire that goes through the ear and therefore, the whole contraption is actually held in place by tension between this wire and the metal tubing.  Their small size makes them comfortable and unobtrusive and because they are normally otherwise unadorned, sleepers are so-called because they were intended to be worn at night to keep a pierced ear from closing and were often the choice of the first set of earrings followed immediately after the piercings. However, they are often used as a fashion choice in themselves because of their simple yet attractive design statement and also the fact that they announce that the ear is pierced.

Limeroad offers a vast collection of pom pom earring for all sorts of different occasions and at very attractive prices.


So be wise, think twice and shop nice.

Frequently asked questions
What are pom pom earrings made of?
Earrings are made up of a variety of materials like metal, plastic, wood, bone and many others.
1 answers
Should earrings be a tight fit in ears?
Earrings should not be loose. Because that may cause them to fall off and that is not ideal.
1 answers
Are pom pom earrings supposed to be small?
Earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and therefore its not necessary for them to be small.
1 answers
What are pom pom earrings made for?
Earrings are made for a variety of occasions. The best part however, is the fact that earrings do not need an occasion to be worn.
1 answers
Why is it important for pom pom earrings to be light?
It is important for earrings to be light because heavy earrings can cause ear lobes to bulge and the piercing to expand causing inconvenience.
1 answers
Do pom pom earrings actually affect our style?
Earrings are part of our daily fashion entourage. And therefore, vastly affect our style statement.
1 answers
Are earrings available for women of all age?
Yes. Earrings are available for women of all ages and tastes.
1 answers
Are pom pom earrings expensive?
Limeroad houses a large collection of pom pom earrings. And in its collection the price ranges from moderate to expensive.
1 answers
How important are earrings?
Pom Pom earrings are quite important if you plan to take your style aesthetic seriously. Even though earrings are small they do make a huge impact on the overall fashion statement.
1 answers
What if I don't like the product I ordered?
We have always worked towards keeping our policies customer friendly and convenient. The easy return policy allows you to try any product you want without any hesitation. You can return it within ten days if you don’t like it or if you find that your product is not as per your expectations. In this case, the money is refunded and our delivery partner will come up to pick up the returned item at your doorstep.
1 answers