Budget Decorating Ideas for your home

Wall Art
One of the simplest ways to update your room is by adding wall art to your walls. You can make a collage wall with your family photos or amateur photos clicked by you. You can also do the same with getting Photocopies of images from coffee table books or print outs from the internet and frame them in clean black or gold frames.
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Lantern Alert
Unlike the traditional sense where lanterns were only used for the purpose of creating light to a room, you can use lanterns in a lot of creative ways. Keep a cluster of candles in them, you can also keep a planter in them. Fairy lights is another way you can decorate the lanterns.
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Cushions and Throws
Another great way to revamp your space is to invest in different sort of cushion covers. They are reasonable and can update the look of any space. All you need to do is mix and match colours and designs as per your requirement.
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Candles and more candles
The most inexpensive way to set up your room is with candles. You need to invest in candles of various sizes and put a cluster on them on your console or even the centre of a dining table
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