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Buy Prestige Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers in India @ Limeroad

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Prestige Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cooker is a sealed vessel which is used for cooking food by using water or other cooking liquid. You can cook any type of food which is feasible to cook in steam or water-based liquids in a Pressure Cooker and enjoy with your friends and family.

The idea of cooking in some container like the Pressure Cooker today initially came in 1679. Cut to present, Limeroad has a wide range of modern Pressure Cookers on offer.


The Generations Of Pressure Cookers


  • First generation- Modified on weight based or jiggler valve.
  • Second generation- These operate with a spring-loaded valve which is often hidden from view in a proprietary mechanism.
  • Third generation- Came in 1991, electric Pressure Cookers, called the ‘third generation’ pressure cookers and Limeroad offers a great variety of the electric cookers which works on an electric heat source basis.


Pressure Release Methods


You can use various methods to release the pressure developed in the cooker while cooking your food:


1)   Manual, normal, automatic release: This method is known as quick release. It involves the fast release of vapor by gradually lifting the valve.

2)  Natural release: This method allows the pressure to drop very slowly; this is done by taking the cooker away from the heat source and allowing the pressure to decrease on its own. It may take a little longer but it the safest method to use.

3)  Cold water quick release: The fastest way of releasing pressure with portable pressure cookers. It can be hazardous if done inaccurately.

Limeroad offers you a vast range of branded Pressure Cookers including both normal and electric pressure cookers such as prestige, Hawkins, Quba, Wonderchef, Cello, Dynore, Euroline, Japan, Meenmart, Mahavir, Airan etc.


The material from which it is made is usually- aluminium or stainless steel. You can find both the inner lid and outer lid type Pressure Cookers here on Limeroad. You can even shop the colour of your choice which ranges from black and blue to the shades of yellow, red and many more.


The capacity of the Pressure Cooker is variable so that you can find a Pressure Cooker according to your need depending on the number of family members you want to cook for.


Price range varies from Rs 1000- Rs 3999.




There are many advantages behind the use of Pressure Cookers, like food cooks much faster with pressure cooker than with any other methods. Pressure cooking requires much less water than conventional boiling, so you can cook your food very quickly and you are even saving water. It requires very less energy than that of boiling, steaming, or oven cooking. Since, you are using less water or liquid, the food reaches its cooking temperature very fast.


Well, if you haven’t bought a Pressure Cooker from Limeroad yet, what are you waiting for? Hurry, avail all the exciting offers and lay your hands on the best Pressure Cooker now!

Frequently asked questions
Which cooker is best steel or Aluminum?
Aluminum, then again, is a great warmth conductor. It's additionally lightweight and somewhat less expensive. But on the other hand it's not as strong, the metal can twist, and its appearance wears after some time. The better of the two universes is a treated steel cooker with an aluminum-clad base.
1 answers
What is esteem cooker made of?
Weight cookers are comprised of hardened steel or generally aluminum. The fixing rings are commonly comprised of NBR and nitride in some cases of EPDM for particular requirements.
1 answers
What amount does a weight cooker cost?
Electric weight cookers commonly go from 6 to 8 quarts in size. They can cost somewhere in the range of $60 to over $200, yet most models fall into the $100 to $150 territory.
1 answers
How hot does a weight cooker get?
In a fixed weight cooker, the breaking point of water increments as the weight rises, bringing about superheated water. At a weight of 1 bar or roughly 100 kPa (15 psi) over the current barometrical weight, water in a weight cooker will achieve a temperature of 121 °C (250 °F).
1 answers
Is Aluminum superior to tempered steel?
Aluminum isn't as solid as steel, however it is additionally just about 33% of the weight. The chromium in stain less steel is added as an operator to give consumption resistance. Aluminum is ordinarily less expensive than hardened steel. ... Tempered steel is an extremely poor transmitter contrasted with generally metals.
1 answers
Is Aluminum weight cooker ok for cooking?
No, aluminum weight cooker isn't unsafe for cooking. Aluminum isn't actually lethal or hurtful to a similar degree as lead, yet it's not actually bravo either. ... Assimilation of aluminum can result in a metallic flavor in your sustenance, which is commonly horrendous.
1 answers
Is Aluminum or treated steel better for cooking?
"Pure pots and container are better adjusted in light of the fact that they're heavier," Callaghan says. "What's more, the handles are normally more grounded in light of the fact that the metal is more diligently." But like aluminum, they additionally get hot, so maneuver carefully. Hardened steel cookware holds heat well, making it helpful for dishes with long cooking times.
1 answers
Is anodized aluminum superior to hardened steel?
Additionally, hard-anodized aluminum is twice as hard as hardened steel, making it exceptionally intense and solid. Commonly, the inside of hard-anodized aluminum cookware is nonstick. ... Along these lines, hardened steel is all the more a defensive cladding material than a material for pots or skillet without anyone else.
1 answers
Do Pressure cookers detonate?
They can detonate, it might be said, yet not as savagely as you may dread (or expectation). The pressure inside a purchaser cooker doesn't go above around two airs—about the weight inside a jar of soft drink. Those dimensions can be unsafe, however they're commonly not sufficiently high to make the metal brutally crack.
1 answers
How enormous of a weight cooker do I need?
In the event that you will normally prepare dinners for 4 individuals or less, a 3 or 6 quart size electric pressure cooker ought to be impeccable. On the off chance that you have a bigger family or you like to get ready extensive meals or cluster cook, you ought to think about obtaining an 8 quart size.
1 answers