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Purple Blazer For Men

Stay Classy In A Purple Blazer

What is that one piece of clothing which you can pull off on any occasion or any day? It is neither a suit nor a sweater, not even any other accessory. The answer is a simple yet overlooked by many people, a Purple coloured  blazer.


There are times when you’re in a situation where a suit might seem too formal, and a dark sweater might give you an ‘old daddy look’. But if you are someone who likes to pose his own style and doesn’t want to settle for that regular look, must buy purple casual blazer.

Why Opt For A Purple Blazer?

Stylists suggest that a man wearing a purple blazer with a good pair of trousers and shoes will look a lot better than a young man wearing formal wear who struggles hard to keep his look in place during those windy days. A purple blazer brings out your body shape because of its precise cuts.


Purple blazers can be available in many variants from English style blazers to an American style blazer. The English blazers are made with suppressed waists which make you look less like a tree trunk and a lot more like a gentleman. However, that doesn’t mean that an American style blazer is bad. The main advantage of wearing an American Blazer is that it is versatile, as it is single breasted and it can be dressed down a lot more easily when compared to a double breasted English style blazer.


Purple  Blazers have been in style for more than a century, and the main reason behind that is its versatility. Ether, Harvard, Arrow, and Numero Uno are some of the brands that sell high-quality purple blazers on LimeRoad. If you want to invest in something that can give your body an audacious and manly look, then you must buy a purple blazer online, as it will not only save your time but might land you a good deal.


Before you buy purple blazer on an online shopping portal or in a nearby store, you need to take the quality of the blazer into consideration. The colour of this blazer is what makes it stand out as it gives you an illusion of a leaner body. Therefore, those who have a little bulky body can consider buying a purple blazer since it will conceal the otherwise straight shape.



Frequently asked questions
What shirt, tie and trousers should I wear with a purple blazer?
The best combo will be white shirt, black tie (if u get it in matte look) and black trousers. Example: If it’s going to be an evening / night party, all white can also go good i.e. purple blazer, White shirt, white pants, black tie, black belt, black shoes. If you wish to have little semi-formal look, you can even skip the tie.
1 answers
What can we pair with purple blazer?
Purple is a very candid color. You can pair it with dark blue shade jeans and brown shoes. It will look classy and will enhance your personality.
1 answers
What can look best with a purple blazer?
A black shirt goes well with a purple blazer paired with dark colored pants and of course formal Black shoes. One can also add up a bow or a tie of suitable color.
1 answers
What shirt, shoes and pants should I wear with a lavender (light purple) blazer?
Purple is unique color, so choosing suitable shirt and pant will little tricky. So you have 3 options. a. You can choose white shirt and white pant with white sneakers but this combination will not help to get more attention. b. Purple Blazer, white shirt, Black pant, with this combination you can choose Brown or black shoes. This Combination will give you little trendy look. c. Purple Blazer, Black shiny silky shirt, and black pant. With this combination you can wear black shoes. This combination will give you Rich Formal Look.
1 answers
What pants can be worn with a purple blazer?
· Blue Jeans – Blue jeans look best when they lighter than the blazer jacket. · Classic Chinos – An excellent contrast to the purple blazer. · Grey Flannel Trousers – Grey flannel trousers are another classy way to match the purple blazer.
1 answers
Can you wear black pants with navy blazer?
The short answer is yes, you can wear navy blue with black. For instance, if you're wearing a very dark navy jacket with black dress pants, you might look like you got dressed in the dark and mismatched your suit.
1 answers
Can you wear purple and black together?
You're not alone. However, the old sartorial rule that cautioned against wearing black and purple together (especially dark purple or the normal) has no real merit. The truth is most neutrals look great together, like white and beige, black and white, white and purple. You get the idea.
1 answers
Can you wear black shoes with purple blazer?
Yes you can wear black shoes with a purple blazer/suit. But one must only wear black, brown or oxblood (burgundy) leather shoes for business dress. The only exceptions allowed are white bucks. Blue, green or any other colored shoes are inappropriate.
1 answers
Is it okay to wear a blazer to a wedding?
The best rule is wearing a purple suit instead. It is sad truth but it really is the best thing you can do at a wedding, wear a suit. Cotton pants or chinos wear them with a purple blazer and a dress shirt and tie. It's always better to be a little overdressed, especially at occasions like this, then under dressed.
1 answers
Can purple blazer be worn with purple pants?
Yes it can be worn with purple pants as well. A white shirt would give the best decent looks possible. Tie may or may not be used.
1 answers