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Buy purple shirts for women in India @ Limeroad

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Purple Shirt For Women


Purple has always been a fascinating color, it is not the first choice when it comes to picking color. But the shades offered nowadays are such that it relates to you which may include lilac, mauve, fuschia, orchid etc. Limeroad has hundreds of purple shirts for you to choose from.

Let’s Get Into The Shades

  • Lilac: It’s one of the most soothing color. If you are going for a look that is simple and elegant, this just might be your favourite shade of purple.
  • Recommended: Solid Purple Cotton Shirt From GritStones.
  • Dark Purple: This can be considered a classic, when you think of purple it's usually this color. It’s also one of the party favourites.
  • Recommended: Solid Purple Satin Shirt From SOIE.
  • Mulberry: This purple shade comes with a hue of pink. A really unique color, one is sure to make a statement with it.
  • Recommended: Purple Poly Crepe Shirt With High Low Hem From CHERYMOYA.
  • Purple Hint: You can also call this one baby purple or very light purple. It’s perfectly goes with every outfit. More preferred for workwear as it is still subtle while offering something more than white.
  • Recommended: Solid Purple Cotton Shirt From Van Heusen.
  • Dull Purple: Purple is usually associated with a really bold look. But it can be very casual while maintaining its color strength too!
  • Recommended: Embroidered Lantern Sleeved Shirt From Quiero.


Isn't this fascinating how one color can house so many different shades? Purple is indeed a color not to be categorized as one!

Explore More Than Just Shade

Different varieties of purple shade is not the only thing you are gonna find on limeroad. The most popular is limeroad’s print and pattern filter where you can choose the style beforehand!


  • Solid: Perfect when just looking for a particular shade color only, the simplicity of solid is what makes it perfect for every occasion.
  • Recommended: Purple Colored Shirt From G J CORTURE.
  • Checked: This one could be a mix of other colors or a mix of different shades of purple. I recommend the later one.
  • Recommended: Purple Checkered Cotton Regular Shirt From Mayra.
  • Printed: Like all other shirts, purple has some good prints available. Floral to Geometric.
  • Recommended: Purple & Black Shirt From Globus.
  • Stripes: It’s usually a combination of white and purple stripes which really compliments the whole stripe look that one might look for.
  • Recommended: Miway Cotton Light Purple Striped Shirt.
  • Polka Dots: Polka dot might just be a thing that go best with a purple shirt. It’s classic and a never ending trend.

  • Recommended: Purple Printed Crepe Shirt From KUBES

How Not To Style A Purple Shirt

Yes, you heard it right, Since there are many ways you can style this lovely colored shirt, it’s better to know what fashion blunder you should avoid.


  • Don’t go purple on purple: This might something you already know but still good to put it out there since there are some colors you can wear your whole look on. But purple isn’t one of them. You should let your purple shirt shine on by pairing it with a subtle color.


  • Limit Purple Accessories: Purple earrings and a purple bag is perfectly fine with it. But you might not need to add other purple jewellery if you are going with the mentioned accessories. Purple colored heels would be a perfect choice if your bottom wear and accessories are not exclusively purple.


Basically the key is to stay neutral with the color, hope you find your fit on limeroad!