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Buy Purple T-Shirts For Kids in India @ Limeroad

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Purple T-Shirts For Kids

Wanna kill with your looks? Go dark with purple T-shirts! The looks suit well when used at the right occasions with the right combination. Let it be a birthday party or a beach getaway, purple suits in the right proportion.


T-Shirts & Colours

  • Purple is one of the top selling colours in the kids' T-shirt category.
  • Purple when mixed with a variety of colours such as yellow, blue, pink etc. bring a different experience to the texture of the T-shirt.
  • Contrast colours when used for design in the form of quotes/popular dialogues give the desired trendy look to the T-shirt.


Available Brands At Limeroad


  • Limeroad has a vast collection of brands offering purple coloured T-shirts
  • Noteworthy brands are Cherry Crumble, Hot Wheels, Flying Machine etc
  • Looking for quality products at the right price? Go for Limeroad to have a look at the great collections

Taking  stock at the offerings of various brands, let’s have a look at them at brand level:


Cherry Crumble


Decent designs with the simple approach are the USP of this brand. You will fall in love with the design approach given by the brand. Collar T-shirts with subtle colour combination makes the T-shirts a treat to watch on all occasions. The price range hovers around 800.


Hot Wheels


As the brand name goes, so is the flavour given by the T-shirts of the brand. With a mix of full-sleeve & half sleeve collections, Hot wheels T-shirts like hotcakes. The price range hovers in the range of 500 which makes the T-shirts an amazing buy.


Crux & Huntr

A decent T-shirt at a great price for your kid! Stay worry-free parents as the kids would look great in the collections offered by Crux & Huntr. Amazing price & a simple design is what makes the collections look attractive. The price is around 300 which is a throwaway price for this quality product.


Are you looking for purple/dark colours with simple yet catchy designs? NO.99 has you covered with an awesome range of collections. The designs vary from popular Hindi dialogues like ‘Haan-Ji’,’Oho’ to mix of innovative creations. The price varies in the range of 300.


United Colors of Benetton

The name of the brand speaks a lot about the quality which is revered for a long time. Funky design with quality product makes the T-shirts irresistible. Available at a price of around 600, go for the T-shirt if you for quality brand products.


Fashion For All Seasons

  • Whether it is V neck or a round one, T-shirts have always been in fashion, and the trend is here to stay.
  • Even the same design with different colours adds an entirely different texture to the style statement.
  • What hits the eyes & remains in the memory is the look given by the colour combination of T-shirts in the outfit. The simplicity of the costume and the easiness it provides makes T-shirt one of the most sought after garment in the fashion industry.