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Buy Readymade Sarees For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Readymade Sarees For Women

What Is A Readymade Saree?


A Readymade Saree can be something like it is semi-stitched, varies between 4.5 m to 5.5 m. A Readymade Saree is split into different elements the making of each is such as:


Readymade sarees can be stitched in various styles, flared, mermaid, etc. according to the choices & preferences and designer’s collection. However, the common thread is that all Readymade Saree have the pleats pre-made and stitched into the skirt itself. A Readymade Saree may also have a zip on the side so that all one has to do is slip into it and zip it up.

The Pallu


One end of the pallu is sewn into the petticoat from where the wearer need only drape it over the shoulder. Many a time, the pallu is sold separately, making this more like a saree.

The Blouse


The blouse can be stitched in the style of the choli or a blouse according to the designer’s preference and the vision of the overall look.

Style And Variety

A number of variations that the readymade Saree has to offer can be categorized into designs, fabrics, and style of the blouses as well as the drape. Within designs, one can see all kinds of uniqueness in the work being done on this fabric such as zari, zari-gota work, zardozi, sequins, stone-work, resham embroidery, paisley designs, jacquard weaving, golden wires, silver motifs in thread work, lace borders and more.



The fabrics that are most commonly used to make a readymade Saree that includes georgette, chiffon, crepe, viscose blends, jacquard looms, Lurex blends, and other light materials. These fabrics are specifically used because of their lightness, fall, comfortable to wear, good to skin and malleability to the intended shape.

The drape of the readymade saree depends on the designer as some of them come with an attached pallu, others have a free dupatta that can be draped as the wearer wishes. There are no boundaries on the colors that complement a Readymade Saree  giving the wearer a plethora of options to choose from.

Present Day Scenario And Global Influence

Readymade Sarees are gradually emerging as the preferred outfits for special occasions such as festivals like Diwali and functions like traditional Indian engagement ceremonies. Although sarees and the various designer forms of churidar kameez are still as popular, Readymade Saree have made a niche for themselves for combining beauty and grace with ease.

Globally, the Readymade Saree is gaining popularity as a contemporary symbol of Indian fashion, marking the innovations in the types of garments worn by Indian women.


An ethnic innovation in itself, the Readymade Saree  can be styled in different ways. Renowned Indian designers have merged different styles such as the multilayered saree. Other collections have seen readymade sarees inspired by the Mughal period or by occasions that are important in the Indian culture such as the pre-wedding ceremony.

Wearing The Attire

Many designers have been observed to deck their models with heavy earpieces with the Readymade Sarees, leaving the neck bare so as to enhance the designer neckline of the blouse and the natural contours of the wearer. However, where neckpieces are required, heavy neck pieces in precious metals and heavy stonesis the popular choice.

The hair is usually worn in a stylish bun when sporting a Readymade Saree style. However, since the attire is purely festive & modern a lot of women prefer leaving their hair down and pulled back or to a side.


Wearing A Readymade saree

Readymade sarees are mainly worn to very special events such as weddings, pre-wedding events, parties and festivities. However, depending on the amount of detailing & embroidery on the saree, one can team it with ethnic jewelry, like kundan, polka, meenakari, etc.

For climatic suitability, readymade sarees can be worn all year long, thanks to the options available in fabric that suits according to the season. The sarees in fabrics like brocade, velvet, satin and silk are best worn & are suited for winters. Lighter fabrics like silk, georgette and crepe are preferred in the summers.


Readymade Sarees need to be dry cleaned due to the multiple colors, fabrics used and the embellishments on them. Readymade Sarees should be stored in a dry place wrapped in plastic or a clean white cloth to prevent the metal decorations from tarnish. Dry-cleaning these outfits is the ideal way of maintaining your Readymade Sarees.


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