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Buy red sarees for women in India @ Limeroad

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Red Saree


With the onset of a Fashion boom in the ethnic and traditional wear market, the saree has undergone various modish changes. The traditional saree has been remodelled by fashion-designers into a contemporary and all-stylish women’s wear. Saree is considered as symbol of a women’s ethnicity and her traditional tastes. Your saree tells about you more than you think- not only your dressing sense but also the personality you carry is clearly directly associated with your saree.


Why choose Red ?


  • Red symbolises boldness and passion. It always gives you a sassy, hot look. Red sarees are linked to the traditional Indian temperaments too: Red saree is worn by the Hindu brides since very beginning.

  • Wearing Red colour is considered as a good omen in the Indian culture. It is also linked to the sense of prosperity and prestige.

  • Red sarees look surprisingly royal and graceful. In festive and wedding seasons, red colour always tops the wishlist of women attire.

  • Red colour suits all age groups and body types. So, no need to think much! Step towards a red saree, step towards the finest looks.


Plethora Of Red


Plain red saree, heavy stone and crystal work red saree, golden- border red Kanjivaram, transparent red saree or a georgette red saree are some items from the favourites list of women.

For a date or special evening, wear a saree with a combination of red and black shades. For festive occasions, the embroidered or silk red saree is the best choice for you. Carry some ornaments with this look and you are done with your sizzling red hot makeover.

Lace sarees in red colour serve as a treat for the women who own a flauntable figure. The charm of lace when paired with the bold red colour forms an unbeatable pair.

When there is Red, there are no second thoughts.


Glam Up


  • Traditional Red Sarees look best when paired with heavy gold jewellery. A flower hair wreath, the ‘gajra’ will complete your look in the most gorgeous way.

  • According to your body type, choose wisely among the blouses. Full sleeved, boat neck, backless, collared, corset styled, off-shoulders and a lot more is there to explore. Make sure your blouse reveals only the desired features of your body.

  • For a fresh and casual look, wear a short blouse with a Plain red saree tucked low at your waist. Add a metal ‘kamarband’ and you are the done Red hot beauty!

  • Red sarees go with all kind of metal and non-metal ornaments. All you have to pay attention is to the mismatches in the temperaments of the jewellery and saree. Red is traditional and traditions are unique.


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