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Buy reebok dufflebag for men in India @ Limeroad

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Reebok Duffle Bags


The Duffle bag is a classic since the 1940s. It reached a popular stage in the cultures after World War II in California.

It was mainly owned the beach-loving, beach-blonde hair, tanned and athletic surfers. It extended its use beyond the military in Australia too.


Now, it’s no longer associated with the sea. It is now used less for convenience but more as a fashionable luggage used in our daily lives.

It is no longer restricted to military tones and its sleek leather trimmings add flavour and freshness to the design making it look very modern.

Reebok: Break Free

Reebok is a global company involved in selling athletic footwear and clothing. It operates as a supplementary company to the German company, Adidas.


Since 2005, Reebok is responsible for manufacturing and distributing fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear.

It is the official footwear and apparel patron of UFC, CrossFit, Spartan Race and Yuen Li Studios.


Reebok’s clothing line includes t-shirts, pants and hoodies. It has collaborated with many brands to present fitness equipments and workout gear to the people. Reebok is now one of the best-selling brands in India.

Size Matters


Depending on how much luggage you want to store in it, you could either go for a small duffle bag or a big one. You might want to keep the big duffle bags for long period travelling.


You could always use the small duffle bags for gym or training. The small duffle bags come with a separate shoe bag. Reebok always keeps the basic needs of its customers in mind.

Why Polyester?


Polyester is a strong fabric and does not rip that easily unless handled with extreme harshness. The fabric makes the bag very flexible and it also makes it easy to store a lot of your luggage in there.


When empty, the bag can be folded and stored easily as luggage. Polyester is wrinkle hence making the bag look timeless.


It doesn’t shrink once washed. It is cheap and hence, affordable.  All this should be able to convince you that the bag would be a reasonable buy.


Reebok manufactures bags in the colours - black, blue, red and maroon.

Buying a black duffle bag would probably be the best option because it would literally go with any outfit.


If you want a bit of colour in your life, you should go with a blue or red duffle bag as they are warm colours and they would go with any neutral coloured outfit.


A maroon duffle bag would not be the best option as it is really hard to find an outfit that would go with the colour.


On the whole, you could go really wild and creative with your style. Contrasting elements would make your whole attire pop out.



Reebok duffle bags could be used for a number of different occasions. Two of the main purposes are travelling and training or gym.




  • These duffle bags enable you to store almost half of your wardrobe in them if you get the hacks right.
  • They have a secure zipper in a  U-shape which keeps everything secure and easily accessible.
  • The Reebok duffle bag has side compartments which makes it easy to store beverage bottles for quick access.
  • These light-weight duffle bags make themselves the most ideal bags for travelling.
  • The small versions are a great carry-on on airlines.


  • The duffle bags have separable compartments to stuff a pair of shoes, a water bottle, towels and a change of clothes with space to spare for your wristbands, resistance bands, ankle weights, etc.
  • The bags are water-resistant which makes it easy to keep your sweaty clothes in them. There will be no foul smell as these dry pretty quickly.
  • After a hardcore workout, nobody likes to carry a hard bag of rocks cutting through your sore muscles. So, the Reebok duffle bags come with padded surface to ease your way of carrying your gym bag. The shoulder straps are padded and are hence, easy on the shoulders.

Limeroad gives you everything you need and want. All you need to do is tick off your preferences.


Be it padded, light-weight, colour, type or occasion, Limeroad has it all. So, don’t wait or think too much, it’s time to break free from the old and dull duffle bags.