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Buy Ripped Jeans For Men in India @ Limeroad

Ripped Jeans For Men


The twentieth century’s most exemplary clothing – the blue jeans – is noxious for designers to explore with.


So once upon a time, some anonymous designer thought of altering the manner in which the world wore jeans and tore them from places and called it ripped jeans. Are you someone who believes in this tale as well?


Well, this is not how ripped jeans came into the picture. In the past days, the working group of people generally wore jeans as they felt easygoing in them. The over-wearing made the jeans to have a ripped look which soon became a fad.


The ripped jeans fashion is back from the 1990’s in a hotter than ever form. They are very popular amongst teenagers and models.


Different Types Of Ripped Jeans


We have segregated the extensive assortment of today's most famous styles to help you cruise the boundless blue jeans ocean and to accurately use your freedom of choice.


  • Ripped Knee Jeans: Men knee ripped jeans are usually in high demand. This crazy look from the torn jeans suits best to the male outfit. Boys are generally seen in distorted because of their rough style of living. This type of jean can be paired with a basic dark shirt and a blazer to flaunt a cool look.
  • Straight Legged Ripped Jeans: Straight-legged ripped jeans are also available with a designer effect in them. Contrasting color patches are visible from the interior of the jeans with some portion of the skin. The designer effect gives more enchantment because of the colored cloth cropping up from the inside. Men with a muscle body are the best to carry this chic cool look.
  • Designer Ripped Jeans: Designer ripped jeans for men are also in huge demand as one of the apparel to be in the closet. Skinny blue jeans with rips from the top thigh region to the ankle give a notably sensational look.
  • White Ripped Jeans: White ripped jeans are one of the designer jeans that anyone would love to have in their closet. White jeans are especially worn very cautiously for not having a blemish on it. Also, it is expensive to own a white ripped jean.
  • Ripped and Repaired Vintage Jeans: Vintage ripped jeans are classy destroyed jeans which are very enticing and marvelous in looks. The tattered look of the vintage ripped jeans can be perceived with the sandy color and colorless stains on it.
  • Red Color Ripped Jeans: The red color torn jeans are usually worn more from the collection of colored ripped jeans. Red trousers with scratches and rips are best suited either with white shirts or t-shirts.

The trend of ripped jeans is sensational and classy at the same time. They are not limited to one event.


You can flaunt them while voyaging, partying or even for a laid back day out with your friends.