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ripped jeans for women

Ripped Jeans For Women


Ripped jeans - a fashion favorite, has become even trendier than before. This new style is now acquiring fame in streetwear and blogger fashion.


There is something energetic and tempting about the ripped jeans when someone wears it the correct way.


That is why distressed jeans have been present for ages. These can definitely give you an easygoing look-of-the-moment as it includes a serious dash of superiority to any attire.


Always catching the eye of a fashion addict, ripped jeans is the chic style that has been acquiring more friction these days.


We can find many fashion admirers, experts, and superstars pulling off the exemplary piece of clothing everywhere today.


Different Types Of Ripped Jeans


  • Skin Fit Ripped Jeans: Girls who wish to look chic and distinct can go for a skin fit ripped jeans that are tattered from the part of thighs to below the knees. The tiny fragments look as if it has been scrapped off or ripped casually. White shirts or short tops look great with light blue distressed jeans.
  • Rolled Up Ripped Jeans: A better effect can be brought to your style with a wrapped up torn jeans. The holes can be focused casually exhibiting the threads of the jeans cloth. The hem of the jeans can be wrapped up to the ankle length so that it asserts more stylishness.
  • Patch Ripped Jeans: Destroyed and repaired jeans give a great chic look. The patchwork looks as if the ripped regions are capped with distinct colored jeans. High boots can be matched with the patched-up ripped jeans.
  • Repaired Ripped Jeans: An internally patched up torn jeans is a marvelous look for a rocky appearance. Women can try such a pair of jeans with a denim jacket and an easygoing t-shirt. This cool image is a perfect combination of sporty shoes.
  • Baggy Ripped Jeans: Baggy jeans are more relaxing in the pool of ripped jeans for women. Baggy ripped jeans make you fit in pleasantly and effortlessly. Moving around freely is also smooth in the baggy jeans. Also, there is no worry of ripped jeans getting more ripped.
  • Black Knee Ripped Jeans: Women prefer this type of ripped jeans as there is less of torn parts on the jeans and at the same time gives a ripped effect too. Some knee torn jeans have bigger holes which cover more than the knee part. It is totally upon your discretion how big holes you want.
  • High Waist Ripped Jeans: High waist jeans for women are one of the designer jeans that come in the distressed form.


Limeroad presents a surplus of stylish ripped jeans. Talking of the brands, we have mixed the finest of them from all across the world to let you carry the elegance of fashion labels. Brands like Allen Solly, Cali Republic, Pepe Jeans, Van Heusen, Urban Navy, and many more are available on board.


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