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rose gold watches for women

Rose Gold Watch For Women


Watches: An all-time trend


Do you remember any important event that you've gone to without wearing your watch? Or went anywhere without it for that matter? Probably not. Watches have become an essential part of the accessorization process. Your look just won't feel complete without it. The habit of wearing watches is so addictive that you keep looking at your wrist even if you've forgotten to wear one. It feels like there should be a watch on all the time.


We also cannot forget to acknowledge the professional touch that it adds to our appearance when we are heading for an office meeting or an interview. Watches have been there to add on to your personality since the age of pocket watches. And now those are considered as something simply classic. But you don't need to carry an age-old pocket watch to appear classy. You can get hundreds of timeless pieces on Limeroad that would suit your style.


The color: Rose gold


The task of choosing the right watch for you can be a little tacky. There may be thousands of watches available from hundreds of brands, but if it does not suit you, you're not going to buy it. Here at Limeroad, we understand the importance of your preference. And so, we've curated a collection that has something for everyone. Designs ranging from the bracelet kind to the ones with thick belts, here's all you'll ever need.


Another important aspect to consider while shopping for this accessory is its color. Although the most popular among all are the colors black and brown people these days crave to be in the spotlight with their quirky picks. Rose gold is one such color that helps you make an elegant and effortless style statement. This one versatile color is perfect for all formal and informal occasions, from office parties to family brunch. It gives you a toned-down feel that doesn't make it feel overbearing or excessively funky.


One for every occasion


Take your time and browse through the exciting collection of rose gold watches for women on Limeroad at affordable and genuine prices. These beautifully-radiant color pieces would fit in all those scenarios that you want to make memories like family parties, engagement ceremonies or a date with someone special.


Range on Limeroad


Limeroad has rose gold watches for women from popular brands like Fossil and Titan. Go pick the one that would complement your vibe.


This list has few watches that you'd want to fix your eye on:


  1. Titan Raga 9931Wm01 Analog women's watch by Titan at Rs. 9541
  2. Fossil gold dial analog watch at Rs. 7835
  3. Michael Kors silver dial Chronograph watch for women at Rs. 13715
  4. Fossil Tailor Analog Copper Dial women's watch Es3713 at Rs. 10187
  5. Roman star Rs_1158 Rose Gold colored watch at Rs. 2099
  6. Guess W0335L3 women's watch at Rs. 13800