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Buy Roti Tawa For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

Roti Tawa

A tawa is the major and essential part of every indian household. Without a roti tawa, it's not possible to make our staple food: chapatis. Tawa is an essential of every household. Therefore it is really very important to shop for the best quality tawa. Limeroad is offering you the best variety in tawas to choose from .


Here is a quick guide for which tawa is best suitable for you.





Aluminium tawa is made up of hard anodised aluminium. It is easy to make rotis on it without smearing a lot of oil on them. It can also be used with induction.  This material is trending now and is used in many cookware now.


But you need to keep in mind it should be thick enough for the durability point of view. They are really inert due to hard anodised coating, do they do not react with food. They can be used in oven also with a metal handle. They heat really fast upto high temperature.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tawa or Cast Iron tawa are best and traditional material for making a roti tawa. They give the fluffy texture to your phulkas.  It is really easy to clean and maintain. It does not rust easily and is very durable. Its natural and traditional cookware for rotis, so it provides a traditional taste to the rotis. It is non stick naturally. It is best for induction also. They can be used in ovens very easily.




Non stick

Non stick coated tawas are suitable if you are using your tawa for making sticky stuff like dosa, upma etc. They are coated with non stick layer and food does not stick on the top.  They take time to heat up.They are super easy to clean and serves multi purpose, not only making roti but also other delicious stuffs.



Ceramic coated tawas are really very good for your health as it is free of lead and harmful chemicals. It do not get scratched off from different places so it is durable. They are also non stick in nature. They are suitable for oven also. This coating do not leach into the food on high temperatures.


Size Range


On Limeroad you get a variety of sizes in roti tawas to choose from :

  • Less than 22502m
  • 250 to 280 mm
  • More than 280 mm


Where To Buy From?


You can get all these varieties to choose from only on Limeroad. Limeroad has on offer the best roti tawas at very low and reasonable prices with discounts also. You can get many colors and a varied section of different brands also. Limeroad gives you the best service in terms of quality and money. So hurry and but the best roti tawa for you today only.

Frequently asked questions
Is aluminium tawa non stick?
Yes. Aluminium tawa is made up of hard anodised layer which is no stick.
1 answers
Which tawa is most durable?
Stainless tawa made of Iron cast is most durable tawa if maintained and cleaned properly.
1 answers
Which tawa is best suitable for induction?
Iron cast tawa is best suitable for induction purpose as iron easily get ionised.
1 answers
Is ceramic coated tawa chemical free?
Yes. It is free of harmful chemicals like lead and do not leach into food at high temperatures.
1 answers
Is ceramic coated tawa durable?
No ceramic coated tawa is not that much durable like stainless steel or iron tawa.
1 answers
Can we cook dosa on iron tawa?
No. Iron tawa is not non stick. Dosa may stick on it.
1 answers
Which tawa is light weight?
Aluminium tawa is really light weight.
1 answers
Can we wash iron tawa in dishwasher?
Yes, you can wash iron tawa in dishwasher as it is easy to clean.
1 answers
Does aluminium tawa rust?
No aluminium tawa do not rust at all.
1 answers
Can we use non stick tawa for making dosa?
Yes. It is non stick and will give you perfect dosa.
1 answers