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Buy Round Neck Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Round Neck Shirts For Men

Neckline refers to the topmost end of the shirt that lies between the shoulders and the neck, circling the neck. The shape of the neckline is dominantly determined by its appearance at the front side base. For example, a round neck shirt has a round shape along the front side of the neck and v neck has an alphabet v shape, irrespective of how it is on the other side. The back of the neck will usually be round or straight.


Dressing up is an expression of your inner self. A part of Behavioural psychology analyzes the head-neck positions to evaluate the attitude and mood of an individual. So much to the extent that the status of your collar button can hint your probable inclination towards a specific type of decision you would make in that particular instant.


Round Neck Shirt - The Mother Of All Casual Looks


But that is not the case with round necks. One can’t even roughly figure out what's running in your mind. The round neck is the mother of all casual looks. The round neck can naturally pull off any feeling spanning across a wide array of emotions like energetic, romantic, dull, happy, anxious etc. Proof lies in our movies which are a reflection of society. Next time, observe any regular Bollywood movie, a casual hero introduction at the beginning and a tragic break up song at the end, there is a high probability that both looks have a round neck shirt in common.


One variant of the round neck is ‘crew neck’. It was first developed in the 1930s for American football players as an undergarment to absorb sweat. Hence, the name. Ribbed detail (a running pattern of small raised bands) along the neck adds stylish detail to round neck shirts. Round neck shirts do not have a button placket along the front centre. If at all it has, it only extends up to the chest level and not beyond that. These shirts may or may not have a small pocket on the front. The bottom hemline may be curved or straight. Full sleeve variety can be a perfect cover for mild winters while half sleeve shirts can be worn in summer or in winter underneath any jacket or sweater. Some shirts come with attached extended sleeves that give an appearance of a half shirt over full shirt. Three fourth sleeves with a multiply folded hem and round neck attach a different strength of attraction to the garment. Sleeveless round neck shirts are perfect for a breezy outing or to simply add a layer of warmth on an unseasonal cyclonic cold day.


With good quality cotton blended, rayon, spandex combined polyester materials, they can be washed gently in a machine. Make sure to reverse iron printed shirts.


Round neck shirts with printed patterns and eye-catching quotes in different hues across the colour spectrum serve as a good collection for college students who yearn for a cool, fresh look every morning and every evening.


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At Limeroad, the brand Gritstones offers bright coloured round neck T-shirts with voguish, one side open-ended button placket along one shoulder. Across a price range starting at just Rs 150 and extending up to Rs 3500, round neck T shirts are available in various brands like Allen Solly, Converse, Jockey, Levi’s, Nike, Pepe Jeans, Raintree, United colours of Benetton, Van Heusen, etc. E-commerce has made our life easy by serving everything we need, all we need to do is pick and consume according to our need, taste and fashion appetite.