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Buy Royal Blue Suits For Men in India @ Limeroad

2 products
grey cotton suit
₹ 3210
57% off
by Platinum Studio
grey cotton suit
₹ 3210
57% off
by Platinum Studio

Royal Blue Suits For Men


As defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, royal blue is ‘a deep, vivid blue’. It is both a dark and bright shade of azure blue (the colour of the sky), often with a touch of purple or faint reddish colour.


This colour belongs to the vast family of blue with a great number of varieties present even in this one shade. As the name itself says, this colour gives you a royal touch no matter on which occasion you wear it. Whether it be a wedding, business meeting or a simple get together.


This colour goes with every age and generation, of course making you seem a lot younger than you are. This colour gives out a fresh vibe and fills a person with cheerfulness even at the end of a tiresome day.


This is a colour for every kind of personality, whether you’re the sophisticated type or the fun and wild one. This colour never fades out of trend even with the change of seasons.


Royal Blue Suits For Men


With its dark shade and a hint of elegance, you just know that this colour is the best when in the form of a suit.


Without any hesitation, we all know that a suit is a man’s best pick for every sort of occasion. And when the options of these suits are as wide as available on Limeroad, you just can’t go wrong with it.


Suits don’t need a style to define their undying trend among fashionable men and the new generation of the creative soul.


Range on Limeroad


Limeroad is your one-stop shop for the best of these suits which presents you with the most trusted brands like Van Heusen, Peter England, Tag 7, Platinum Studio and Suitltd.


The prices of these suits range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 16000. The prices may differ according to the availability of products.


These suits are available in all kinds of cloth materials, whether you like the ever comfortable cotton, or the stylish and fresh polyester or the classy rayon. Limeroad provides you with thousands of choices of the best suits available.


The Best Picks On Limeroad


The number of choices present in Limeroad may confuse you but here are some of my favourites to help you with your shopping-


  1. Blue Terry Rayon Suit -  This stylish and fun suit is best for a party but of course, the rules can’t stop you from wearing it on any other occasion. Available at the price of ₹ 7999 this suit belongs to the trusted brand of Peter England.
  2. Blue Cotton Suit - This fresh and young suit of the brand SUITLTD goes with every kind of personality. Available only at the price of ₹ 3276.
  3. Blue Cotton Blend Suit - This suit belongs to the darker shade of the royal blue family. This classy and elegant masterpiece of the brand Hang Up is available at Limeroad only at the price of ₹ 2310.
Frequently asked questions
Does Royal blue suit look good with dark skin?
Royal blue is one colour that adds on to your charm no matter what is your skin colour. Dark skin colour with Royal blue shade brings on some kind of exotic vibe that makes you look smart and charming.
1 answers
Can Royal blue suit be worn on official events?
Suits are the formal dress code for all official events including meetings, get together and parties. Royal blue colour would only add self-confidence with your formal look. And thus the combination works like magic for such events.
1 answers
Is Royal blue suit good for an interview?
Royal blue is a shade that speaks luxury. It is best suited for occasions where you have to maintain a certain level of charm and dominance. However, you may choose a lighter or faded shade for going for an interview. It all comes down to your selection of the right shade and cloth material.
1 answers
What shoes would look good with Royal blue suit?
Shoes complete your look, so it is important to choose them wisely. In the case of Royal blue suit, you should go for formal black leather shoes for the usual office look. But, brown shoes and a blue suit is one combination that you have to try!
1 answers
What tie would look good with Royal blue suit?
Typical white and blue combination always works. Even black gives it a classier edge. But go for shades of indigo blue, deep red and elegant grey if you really want to make it work. Some people prefer designs. If you're one of them then make sure not to choose one that is too overwhelming or crisp.
1 answers
Do Royal blue suits look good with pale skin?
Royal blue is a versatile colour that looks good with all skin tones. Light colours might be worrisome options for people with pale skin but Royal blue won't add on to that. In fact, it looks exceptionally fresh on people with lighter skin tone.
1 answers
Is Royal blue suit fine for a wedding?
A wedding is one such occasion where everyone tries to look their best and yet stand apart in the crowd. This might be difficult but it can be made easy with a nice sophisticated suit paired up with the right shoes, tie and watch. Royal blue suit would make it more special for you.
1 answers
Do black shoes go with Royal blue suit?
Black shoes and blue suit are a classic combination and a definite yes for a formal occasion.
1 answers
What colour shirts look good with Royal blue suit?
White is one must-have when you're considering wearing a suit. Apart from that, shirts of lighter shades or subtle tones look perfect with royal blue.
1 answers
Can Royal blue suit be worn without a tie?
Tie and suit is a traditional combination that is popularly followed by men around the world. However, flaunting your Royal blue suit without a tie might be a non-conventional step and indeed an acceptable one.
1 answers