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Buy Saraswati Idols and Figurines in India @ Limeroad

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Saraswati Idols and Figurines


Saraswati  is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning,holds a book and a stringed instrument called a veena. Saraswati's vahana is a peacock or a swan. The peacock represents arrogance and pride over its beauty, and by having a peacock as her mount, the Goddess teaches Hindus not to be concerned with external appearance and to be wise regarding the eternal truth.


She is a part of the Tivedis that include Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. All the three forms help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate-recycle the Universe respectively.

One of the most famous festivals associated with Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu festival of Vasant Panchami. On this day, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped in schools, colleges, educational institutes as well as in institutes associated with music and dance. Cultural programmes are also organised in schools and institutes on this day.

Being the goddess of knowledge she is mostly worshipped by students. Pandals are organised for the people.


In many states, on the occasion of Saraswati Puja, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped as an idol, made up of soil. On Saraswati Puja, the idol is worshipped by people and prasad is distributed among the devotees after puja. On the next day or any day depending on religious condition, the idol is immersed in a pond which is known as Murti Visarjan. after performing the Havana with full joy and fun, playing with abir and gulal.


Also, the last three days of the Navaratri festival, i.e., Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami, are celebrated as Saraswati Puja. consists of placing the books for puja on the Ashtami day. It may be in one's own house, in the local nursery school run by traditional teachers, or in the local temple. The books will be taken out for reading, after worship, only on the morning of the third day i.e Vijaya Dashami.


A Perfect Housewarming Gift


Goddess Saraswati is placed in the house for the acceptance of knowledge. An idol helps to do the same. Goddess Saraswati is seen sitting on a lotus with a veena in her hand. This is the basic idol available everywhere. However other types are goddess Saraswati seated on a throne or a peacock. The murtis are made out of marble, brass, porcelain, resins ,etc. The porcelain idol is coated with brass. The colours applied on the murti are long lasting and of good quality. The size of the murti varies according to the place it has to be kept in. The height, breadth and weight are different and change with the material of the idol. The idols can be cleaned easily with dry or wet cloth.


This decorative murti can be used as pooja mandir interior decoration accessories / table decor items or showcase decoration. It is a best gift for marriage anniversary , wedding gift , birthday , house warming , office / shop inauguration, diwali, or housewarmings.


To realize her one must go beyond the pleasures of the senses and rejoice in the serenity of the spirit with the goddess Saraswati murti.