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Buy Simple Saree Designs For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Simple Saree Designs For Women


When can you technically call a saree simple? Well, the answer to that is there is no technicality here. Some might consider only the solid colored sarees simple, while some might also include minimal design as simple. So it really depends on the perspective.


That is the reason why we are gonna divide the simplicity of the design of a saree into some categories so that we can talk according to everyone’s perspective.


The Plain Sarees


The first thing that comes to the mind is simple sarees, the solid ones which may or may not have a border. Sarees like these are usually paired with the same colored blouse or a blouse that has some work on it.


Nevertheless, plain sarees should not be underestimated because as simple as they are, your way of draping them can make all the difference, that’s another reason why people choose such sarees. One more plus point? You can carry minimal accessories and it will still shine.


For example,  Sidhidata Textile Black Georgette Plain Saree is on a little sheer side, so it also looks effortless appealing. Pair the saree with a long gold-black earing and a big rock on your fingers alongside a black lac bangle to bring out the most of it.


Tip : Click the “plain” filter in the type category of Saree Section.


The ‘Simple’ Embroidery


Are you a little surprised? Well, that’s actually understandable! We don’t relate embroidery to simplicity a lot, now do we? But chikankari proves us so wrong, embroideries can be simple. Chikankari from the land of Nawabs, Lucknow is as simple as an embroidery could get.


A fair warning though, this doesn’t mean chikankari embroidery can’t be little more than simple or really heavy to put it out there. But it does have more simple alternatives than the heavy ones.


Take a look at ADA Chikankari Work Peach Saree With Blouse, this cotton saree has work done by a thread that is the same color range as the saree, it still stands out while giving a more simplistic approach to Saree fashion and it’s still traditional!


Tip : Click ‘chikankari’ on the type category of the saree section.


The ‘Bengali’ Saree


Let’s admit it we have all fell in love with the simplicity of White and Red Bengali Sarees. The Bengali saree might be the most popular thing but that isn’t really simple. Its association with festivities has made it more than simple. Then what is you may ask?


The tangail or tant sarees that are made in both Bangladesh and West Bengal. They are made as such that they can be worn for the daily use and hence fits the budget. They are also perfect for the hot and humid climate because of how light it is.


Temple Bordered Saree From the brand Tant house is available in colors like soft pink, lilac, sky blue etc has a ganga jamuna style border. You will find many borders like this.


Tip : Click the ‘tangail’ and ‘tant’ on the type category of the saree section


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