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Buy sleeveless casual shirts for men in India @ Limeroad

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Basic Casual Shirts For Men


It would be safe to say that every man owns at least one casual shirt in his wardrobe. The men’s casual shirt has existed for decades, and it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can own. Whilst many men may be sick of wearing their shirts to the home from night to day, it’s time to unfasten your top button and roll up your sleeves in some easy going, casual shirts that can be worn long after the workday is over.


The men’s casual shirt was historically seen as a symbol of wealth and sophistication. It would be better if it is stick to basics like basic style and casual shirts in basic colours.


We have a huge collection of casual shirts in monochromatic color such as white, navy, black, blue. But of course, you can add a few self-print or stripes casual shirts or checks casual shirts based on your liking as a daily wear. Still, we recommend having more casual shirts because casual shirts are versatile and you can wear them with almost anything in your home.


Casual Shirt Street Style Looks

Now, that we've known the necessity of casual shirts, it's time to make a collection in your wardrobe.

By now you probably know that when we need style inspiration we run towards fashion runways. And there where we found the popularity of casual shirts. Always keep in mind that each of the casual styles will look better when properly fitted! The right kind of casual shirt makes you look smart.


A sleeve is loose enough to slide a fingertip under and no more. It shouldn’t standoff on the body with an air gap in between your hand and the shirt. However, there are many sleeves available in casual shirts such as-

Long Sleeves-  This kind covers the large, protruding bone in the wrist when buttoned. The hole where the sleeve meets the shirt should be close into the armpit, remember not to sagging loose beneath it.

Short sleeves-  This kind of is tight enough to lie against the skin without digging in. If there’s a sagging opening with empty air in it or cloth pinching the skin then the fit needs adjusting.

Shirt Tails- It should never cover more than your belt or a half-inch beyond it at the most. Try to maintain that. Mostly casual shirts meant to be worn untucked and squared off at the same length all the way around, while some casual shirts meant to be tucked in.


The White And Black Casual Shirt

Whenever a “casual” look needs to look a little sharper. Try to opt a good white color shirt as it should have a point or spread collar (not button-down). If you can, get one casual White shirt with reasonably short tails so that you’ve got the option of wearing it untucked without long shirt tails hanging down and to look more dashing.


Check the latest fashion Trends and find the best Basic Casual Shirts for Men online on Limeroad.

Frequently asked questions
Are sleeveless shirts a good choice for men?
Yes, most popular to pick in the summers. Because a sleeveless shirt and a bottom wear is all you would need in the hot temperature, one can consider it perfect for the beach. There is no rules though, you can layer sleeveless shirt to go for a different look. In conclusion,yes sleeveless shirts are indeed a good choice.
1 answers
Are Sleeveless shirts only casual?
Yes, sleeveless isn’t really a formal unless you are looking to layer and style them differently. Nevertheless the fact remains that sleeveless shirts individually are a casual choice but that doesn’t meant they can’t be worn in number of occasions as per your desire. You can wear sleeveless shirts in any event or time that does not require a specific outfit code.
1 answers
When did sleeveless shirt came into fashion?
They were here in the fashion industry for a long time but it is safe to say they didn’t get a lift off in India until bollywood really went all sleeveless for the heroes in movies. Just think about Hrithik Roshan in ‘kabhi khushi kabhi gum’ or Salman Khan in ‘har dil jo pyaar karega’. These guys wore iconic sleeveless shirts that let people see sleeveless shirt without the fear of risky fashion statement.
1 answers
How to wear a sleeveless shirt?
If you are looking to go for a sleeveless shirt alone then you can pair it with a jeans for the edgy look. Sleeveless shirts can be worn along with Denim trousers, jeans, Chinos and Corduroys, Khakis, and even Cargo Pants. Go for shorts if it is sunny, beach or pool party. Events like these are actually perfect for sleeveless shirt. If it is just about a simple look then jeans are your best friend.
1 answers
How to layer a sleeveless shirt?
There are numbers of way you can do that. Perfect way it to go for a skinny t shirt or top, choose white for a good background for your t shirt. It will add the extra spark in your look, you don’t get to see such looks everyday so perfect to hangout with your friends or whatever it is you want to dress up for. Another way is to go for a light cardigan, instead of creating a background you cover your arms while also showcasing your cool shirt. There is an advantage to this because you can remove your cardigan to showcase your sleeveless shirt even more anytime you want to.
1 answers
What are the best occasion to wear sleeveless shirt?
Sleeveless shirts are mostly worn casually. One can wear it on daily basis; considering they are funky and falls under casual wear. In casual meetings and regions which are mostly humid and hot, people prefer to wear sleeveless shirts. As already established you can make a sleeveless shirt work according to your needs but there are some occasion which particularly fits the scenario like beaches and pool parties. One can go for sleeveless shirt independently without thinking twice if it’s casual or better yet if it is a vacation.
1 answers
Do sleeveless shirt come in a single style?
No, they come in many styles just like your any other regular shirt would have. The most famous style for them would be bright colored ones, as they are made for the sun. While there are many patterns like checkered options available if you are looking to go for layered look. Sleeveless shirts can be found from the basic T-shirts and Lounge shirts. Hooded sleeveless shirts are in market for quite some time and are very much favored by men of all frame. Crew neck, V-neck, Collar sleeveless shirts are a few sub category under the above mentioned category. Then on the basis of design and texture as well one can have Sleeveless shirts. Printed, Tapered bottom, Checkered, Vertical striped, Denim and Broad Check, Button-up sleeveless shirts to count a few under the sub-category mentioned above.
1 answers
What not to wear with sleeveless shirt?
Well, there are no rules if you are layering it right, However if you are going for sleeveless shirt independently then do not go for pants, it has be a casual bottom wear. Not to forget your shoes, your shoes should be casual too. Although they can be sporty too if you are dressing up for such purpose.Conclusion is to keep it casual.
1 answers
How to accessorize sleeveless shirt?
There are number of ways to do that, first thing that comes to the mind is watches, bracelets and bands because obviously you have your whole arm to fill out. You can go for small and simple necklace or pendants but don’t layer up them, one would be enough. Hats are a good choice when you are hitting the beach or something similar. To pair it up with right pair of eye-wear, one can wear swinger sunglasses and Broad-brow sunglasses. Avoid aviators, and D-frames if you have round face type. Again the choice of sunglasses depends on the face type and not on the sleeveless shirt one wears.
1 answers
What footwear to choose with sleeveless shirt?
Casual shoes would work fine. But they are not the only thing you can wear with a sleeveless shirt. Flip flops are a hit on the beach and you can definitely choose flip flops when you wear your sleeveless shirt in the sun shining beach. One more way you can choose something other than shoes is to go for sandals, they also provide a great casual yet classy look for your outfit.
1 answers