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Buy Small Wallets For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Small Wallets For Women


We carry a lot of stuff in our bags these days. Makeup, earphones, power bank, money, cards, and whatnot. Finding what we need quickly becomes a hassle. So we use small wallets to keep some stuff together that we might need urgently, mainly the cash. Some other women who don’t like to carry bags go for wallets to keep their cash and cards. According to what purpose you need the wallet for, you can choose the one that suits you best.




Wallets are important to be organized and neat. Luckily, they come in many styles, so we don’t have to compromise on the style quotient.


  • Bifold: It has two sections and folds in half. Easy to carry in a purse or in your pockets.
  • Envelope: It is among the larger ones in the category. It is the size of a business envelope. It has room for some of your makeup too.
  • Accordion: It folds flat but can be opened to contain many smaller sections, helping you to carry more items.
  • Mini wallet: It is close to the size of men’s wallet. It is best suited for carrying cards and cash.
  • Opera wallet: It has a hard case that can be snapped shut. It is used mainly for cards.
  • Travel wallet: It is mainly intended to hold passports and tickets while traveling.
  • Wristlet: This has a short strap that hangs from the wrist.


These wallets have different kinds of closures too. Velcro, zippers, magnets, twists are some kinds of closures. Women’s wallets come in different colors, textures, and prints too. Whether you’re a tomboy or a fashionista, Limeroad has wallets that reflect your personal style.


Finding Out What Is Best For You


We usually stuff our wallets with unnecessary items like old receipts, expired gift cards, notes, makeup, etc; but when we do plan on buying a new wallet, we fool ourselves by telling that we will not stuff it with all that clutter. But we have all been there, and it's your lifelong habit, it mostly remains the same way. So, always go for a size bigger than what you think you need, and don’t worry, that extra space you thought you had will be used without you realizing it.


Since wallets come in so many designs, you can use them to give a personalized touch to your outfit. Here are some pointers on how you can pair them up:


  • Embellished wallets go with evening gowns and ethnic wear.
  • Solid bright colored wallets are used with dresses to add a spunk to them.
  • Simple trifolds/bifolds are used to keep cash inside a bigger handbag.
  • A money clip wallet is used to keep cars and cash in the pocket of your jeans.
  • A leather wallet can be used with almost any kind of outfit.


Even though wallets are mainly meant to be functional, they don’t make you choose between productivity or looks. There are so many varieties available that you will get confused as to what to choose. Go ahead, enjoy the confusion till you make your choice from Limeroad’s galleries!!