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Buy Spice Box Kitchen Storage For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Spice Box


India, the land of spice and the biggest producers of spice! Surely there should be enough room to store them all. No Indian kitchen is truly complete without a spice box by the side of the cooktop. At Limeroad, we look to complete both your fashion and Home with our products. Therefore, limeroad offers many spice boxes.


One, Two, Three...How many?


Spice boxes can contain numbers of spice containers. You can choose according to your need. Normally everyone wants Salt, Chili, Black pepper, Turmeric,  Asafetida, Cumin and Coriander to be in their spice box as these are the common spices we use daily. So if this is true with you too then that makes it 7 boxes to be compulsory. But why stop there. You might have your own spice you consider so just count them up and decide the number of containers you want.


Alternatively, you can buy spice boxes with more than the number of containers you usually need. A little extra never hurts anybody! What it can do is benefit you in the long haul.


Go Old School


Just prefer the good old spicebox which reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen? Stainless steel and still economically cheaper. Of course, there are many other reasons to go old school.


Diamond Shaped Stainless Steel Spice Box From Dynore is one of the many such spice boxes you can order. This particular one includes 9 container. You can find more on Limeroad.


Don’t Take Off The Lid!


Spice Boxes nowadays comes with see through lid like the Stainless Spice Box With See Through Lid With 7 Containers And Small Spoon From Sumeet so you don’t have to worry about checking on your spices again and again. You can check if the spice you need is in the spice box just by taking a look at it. Hey, many of us don’t remember things we ourselves arrange and that’s ok! This is a no judge zone.


Comes handy in cases where you have to refill the box , one can just do that without checking it. Refill if they look empty or if they don’t, just go by your day.


All About That Tradition


Did you know that traditionally Indian Kitchen use to have wooden spice boxes? Not just plain wooden boxes, they use to beautifully carved. One of the famous carving work comes from Rajasthan but not limited to that.


Not only wooden spice boxes brings a hint of traditionality to your kitchen, they are also eye pleasingly beautiful. The carvings or the colors on the box can spice up (both literally and figuratively) your kitchen for the best!


You might want to go simple with boxes like Wooden Masala Box


From Unravel India which are elegantly appealing. Or if you are a fan of carves art then Leaf Carved Wooden Spices Or Dry Fruits Serving Box From VerEesha might be aesthetic to your pleasing. But what about colors? Multipurpose 8 Inch Square Box With Nine Detachable Compartments From Indikala is one of the many we have in store for you.


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