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Buy Spykar Joggers For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Spykar Joggers For Men


Men these days are not anyway less than girls in fashion, because of the influence of social media, fashion magazines and the knowledge they gain from their circle of friends is quite astonishing. Finding an attractive men’s clothing can be tricky, especially when it comes to well-worn staples like men shirts, shorts, pants, joggers or trousers. Men also want their clothing to be perfectly fit and comfortable without compromising the style quotient having their own set of collections for their dresses and other accessories with variations in patterns,clothing etc.


Here, let’s have a glimpse of the most wanted stylish set of spykar joggers for Men. There are people who love to live in joggers as they are very light in weight and suitable for casual fit but there are also those who despise them as they are worn everywhere these days. Joggers can be best paired with a button down shirt or even a smart polo shirt, wearing casual joggers has become a globally accepted form of casual dress that at certain times, even be worn for work in all office environments as a form of casual wear. Most of them are categorised according to their length and some as per the cloth from which it is manufactured.


About Spykar - The Brand


Spykar brand is a part of the Lord Bagri promoted Metdist Group, a diversified portfolio of companies which is headquartered in the UK, is India’s leading jeanswear brand for the youth which is synonymous with the ‘Young & Restless’ generation of today. Spykar has always Kept up with the ever-changing dynamics of the global fashion industry, with their collection exudes an individualistic and contemporary style of this generation. Spykar was established in 1992 which has come a long way and has certainly defined the new rules for the global fashion trend. Initially Spykar was manufacturing only men’s clothing and later they have expanded their portfolio to become a one stop shop for casual wear ensemble for both men and women available across 240 exclusive outlets,with more multi-brand outlets, all key large format stores and e-commerce portals.


Spykar brand offers high quality variety of joggers for men with various size options and fitting because every man is different when coming to their style of clothing and so there is no universal rule as one particular type of joggers will fit everyone and comfortable. With this in mind, Spykar has provided options in fitting as regular , skinny fit, slim fit, and tapered fit with low rise and mid rise styling so one can use according to their taste of styling and comfortness. They have also provided options in colours with universal taste of men as black, blue, dark blue, green, grey, light blue. Joggers are also available in denims, patchwork denims, heavy washed and grunge street look types with faded pattern like acid washed, self design etc. Online shopping at LimeRoad provides the authorized Spykar brand joggers for men with variety of patterns, themes and styling suited for all age group of Men with just a click away at your doorstep.

Frequently asked questions
What are joggers for men?
This style of tapered sweatpants are most in trend in recent times among men. The legs of this joggers featured elastic bands and are designed to fall just above the ankles. Some of the joggers comes with side and back pockets while they are others which are devoid of any pockets.
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What are joggers used for?
Joggers for men are mainly used for athletic activities and are also used in doing running, jogging doing brisk walks. Joggers are used for doing several rigorous exercises. Joggers are used in several sporting activities for men. There are several kind of joggers available for men in recent times
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What are the different materials used in joggers?
Joggers for men are made of several types of materials like polyester, nylon and cotton. A polyester and nylon track pant for men are mainly used for sporting activities and gymming purposes. These material are wrinkle resistant and durable and stays the same even after multiple washes. Cotton is another material which is used in joggers.
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What are the different colours of joggers for men?
There are various colours which is used in joggers for men but mostly dark shades of colours are used in track pants. So darker shades of blue, black, brown, green, beige, maroon, yellow and at times white. There are also joggers for men which comes in different blocks or prints and have designs and patterns on them.
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What is the main difference between a joggers and track pants?
Although there is not much difference that lies between joggers and track pants for men. But the main difference lies in its style and that is joggers are a bit loose in style and just not stick much to the skin whereas track pants are a bit thick and tapered fit.
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Which are the best rated joggers for men?
There are many joggers for men available in the market. But these are names of some of best rated joggers for men which are best in style and comfort and they are J.Crew Cotton Joggers, Levi's Chino Joggers, Express Camo Joggers, J.Crew Stadium Jogger Pants and J.Crew Cargo Joggers.
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What are the different brands which make joggers for men?
There are many brands which make some of the most comfortable and best joggers for men. Some of the most popular brands are Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Jockey, HRX by Hrithik, United Colours of Benetton and Roadster. These joggers for men are a very comfortable wear while exercising and doing other physical activities.
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How to wash the joggers for men?
There are several joggers which comes with several prints on them those joggers needs to be washed in mild detergent inside out and if your joggers are light in colour then you should wash the dark colours separately from the dark colours in order to avoid any colours stains on the joggers.
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Can you wear a shirt with joggers?
You can wear polo neck t shirt of and oxford or denim version t shirt along with your joggers and not the office shirts with joggers. Leaving your t-shirts untucked will let you have the cool and casual look with joggers and your canvas shoes tagged along with to groove in style.
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Where to buy the most affordable joggers for men?
Limeroad, the online shopping site provides some of most comfortable joggers which is best in fit and also does not pinch the pockets of the customers. Joggers for men are available in various colours and vary in different material in Limeroad and also offered by the best brands in the market.
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