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Buy Stainless Steel Dinner Set For Home & Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Stainless Steel Dinner Set For Home & Kitchen


Kitchen accessories are the favorite, most often purchased item among women. Especially when it comes to impressing others or representing yourself in front of others - there is nothing like crockery items


Presently, let's talk about dinner sets. Dinner sets are the most used crockery items that hold a strong value in the kitchen.


Earlier, there was a myth according to which steel plates were used in daily household meals and the glass, ceramic or other material plates were used only for guests. It is totally different nowadays - steel dinner sets are used to serve to guests too. Good quality steel and a unique design is equally valuable as your costly glass dinner sets. A good quality steel and a unique design is equally valuable as your costly glass dinner sets.


Design: Unique and impressive


Steel is always the classic material and it has a great quality - it can be moulded easily into different designs and shapes. We have everything from spoons to bowls in the dinner set. There are enormous options available in the design. They are unique yet pleasing at the same time.


Advantages of having steel dinner sets at home are:


  1. They don't break. So serve them to kids or the aged. They are always safe in their hands.
  2. They are easy to wash. No fear of left behind turmeric or any other stains.
  3. They are easy to carry. It is more easy to carry the steel utensils than any other material.
  4. Easily available. The steel utensils are easily available that too in enormous variety.
  5. Can be customized. It is easier to get the steel utensils customized as compared to others. You can even get your name engraved on them from the local shop!
  6. Elegant and homely feel. They give a warmth to both the guest and host.


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At Limeroad, you can get everything you have been looking for and that too at an affordable price with the assurance of quality.


  1. Best Quality: Every product on limeroad goes through a quality test, which helps to make sure that every piece that reaches our customer has the best of the quality so that you never have to sacrifice on the same.
  2. Affordable price: We at limeroad make sure to give you the best at very affordable price. The discount and special coupons reach you on time with timely updates just to make sure that you are served the best.
  3. Easy return policy/Exchange: We have always worked towards keeping our policies customer friendly and convenient. The easy return policy allows you to try every product you want, without any hesitation. You can return it within ten days if you don’t like it or if you find your product is not as per your expectations. In this case, the money is refunded and our delivery partner will come up to pick up the item at your doorstep. Also, if you like the product but notice some defect and want to exchange the same, that can be easily done too.


Frequently asked questions
Does a steel dinner set look good while serving to the guests?
Yes, the steel dinner set in fact looks more elegant and nice while serving. It not only keeps the food warm but also gives homely feelings to every person.
1 answers
How many pieces are available in the steel dinner set?
It depends on the dinner set you are purchasing. Usually there are dinner sets with 24 and 38 piece, but there are various other choices available too. You can also get them customized as per your convenience.
1 answers
Is it recommended to buy a steel dinner set over others?
Yes, it is highly recommended to buy a steel dinner set over others as it gives a very homely and warm feel. Also the quality is good and maintained easily. Plus, there is a large variety of design.
1 answers
Is the steel used of good quality?
Yes, the steel used in making utensils is of good quality. There is no compromise in the quality used.
1 answers
Are steel glasses also part of the steel dinner set?
Although steel glasses are available, they don't come with the dinner set. You can purchase then separately from LimeRoad itself.
1 answers
Can I compliment my dinner set with ice cream cups and spoons too? Are they available in steel?
Yes, steel ice cream cups and spoons are also available. And it is definitely a good choice to have them along with your dinner set. They will make the sweet taste even sweeter!
1 answers
Are they easy to wash?
Yes, the steel utensils are easy to wash. They don't keep the yellow stain of turmeric, and can be cleaned easily.
1 answers
Is the product LimeRoad assured?
Yes, the product is Limeroad assured and will not have any defect.
1 answers
Why should I buy the dinner set from LimeRoad when it is also available easily in the market?
The available options and choices are more on Limeroad. There are so many designs at an affordable price with quality assurance.
1 answers
Will it be possible to deliver a large dinner set to home?
Yes, at Limeroad we make sure that everything is delivered to your doorstep with proper packaging, and on time. So there is no problem with delivery of large packages.
1 answers