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stainless steel water bottles

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Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We all know water is life. It not only keeps us hydrated but is also essential for cleanliness and overall hygiene. Usually, we use a glass, mug or any other thing available but for a person who goes out especially for people who travel a lot, should make sure that they are drinking water which is clean and safe and should be stored in a long lasting thing and so this stainless steel bottle is for you to carry fresh and clean water to keep you healthy and hydrated from extreme conditions to work to gym and even hiking.


Stainless steel water bottles comes into existence after world war II especially in the 1950s and only manufactured in the United States and after that they started gaining popularity because of their durability and healthy water and companies like Coca-Cola putting their brand logo into these stainless steel bottles but they are not available for personal use and  plastic bottles were conquering the markets as the side effects like health and environmental issues are not yet known but due to course of time and scientific advancement we get to know how harmful plastic and we are switching into stainless steel bottles.


Nowadays people are becoming more intelligent in buying products they want and also expect the product to be affordable with the value for money, safe and long lasting.

But when it comes to water bottle why would they choose stainless steel water bottle?

  1. Insulated - Insulation for 12 hours to keep the water warm or cold depending on the climate and water you want to drink.
  2. Eco friendly - We can reuse and recycle these bottles as they are made from steel so keep it in mind you are saving the environment for every bottle you buy.
  3. Durable - As it is made of steel and steel is made of one of the strongest metals available iron so these bottles are durable and can withstand harsh climate conditions and with metal coating inside they can still  be used if dented so stainless steel bottles are for the survival person inner you.
  4. Safe - Plastic bottles are cheap and easily available but because of plastic as the material the water becomes toxic and contaminated with harmful chemicals but stainless steel does not get contaminated so it is safe to use and to keep your water.


With all these benefits and advantages stainless steel water bottle there is a disadvantage comes with it as the bottle is made of steel and is non compressible taking up a little more space in your bag than the usual one.

Nowadays stainless steel water bottles are manufactured by various brands and as technology advances, they are also introduced with vacuum insulation for a  better grip and are BPA free with protection against dirt. Also, they are very versatile but their cost is high starting from 500 bucks to 3000 depending upon the variety they come from- higher the cost better the  insulation and lighter weight. These bottles can carry hot coffee, cold drinks water in any weather conditions, making it a very effective vessel to contain water for a clean, safe and healthy intake.

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