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Steam Iron



If all those clothes you packed up for your move are emerging from their boxes with deep wrinkles, a dry iron might not be enough to restore them to their usual smoothness. Steam irons can handle tough creases in most types of fabric, and they aren't much harder to use than dry irons.



What is a Steam Iron?



Steam Iron is different from a dry iron in the sense that it applies steam to clothes while ironing. The steam is superheated water which eliminates wrinkles easily from clothes unlike dry iron.

The steam iron has a holding tank where distilled water is poured and heating elements convert the water into usable steam. The steam comes out through holes from the soleplate in the bottom.

The steam helps in the sense that it moistens and loosens out individual fibers and making it easy for the iron’s pressing action to smooth out wrinkles



How to Select the Best Steam Iron?




1) Wattage: The higher the wattage of the iron, the quicker the ironing by the iron since higher wattage means high steam output. But a more hot iron demands more handling care.


2) Soleplate: You should look for an iron whose soleplate is non-sticky, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Soleplate is important since it comes in direct contact with the clothes.


3) Convenient Controls: The iron should have a temperature control for different types of fabrics and it should be easy to see and effective.


4) Steam Control Button: The iron should have a button to control the flow of steam. It should have settings to turn the steam off, low or high.

Also make sure that there are enough number of vents spread evenly on the soleplate to distribute the steam and making de-wrinkling your clothes easier.

5) Cord Length: A longer cord length will give you more maneuverability, making ironing more comfortable and flexible.

6) Comfortable Handle: The iron should have a comfortable handle since it acts as the interface between you and iron. It must be smooth to grip and not wide for you to hold comfortably.

7) Water Tank Capacity: If you tend to do a lot of ironing at the same time, choose an iron with a super-size tank so you would not have to refill the iron in-between the ironing.

8) Swivel Cord: Higher the swivel cord degree, better the flexibility you get while

9) Read the Instruction manual that comes with the iron to understand its features and specifications


10) Fill the water tank according to the product's instructions. Some models have a removable tank that you can fill separately, while others require you to take the iron itself to the sink. The iron should be unplugged and cold. Don't fill the tank any higher than its "max" line.


11) Clip the tank back into the iron according to the product's instructions if you have a removable tank. Plug in the iron.


12) Check the label on the garment to determine the right fabric setting. Set the iron's temperature level accordingly, and wait for the soleplate to heat up. Some models have a light that turns on as the iron heats and turns off when it reaches the desired temperature.


Steps to Use a Steam Iron



  • Turn on the steam feature when the iron is hot.
  • Spread the garment on an ironing board and iron as you usually would, moving the iron with the grain of the fabric. The iron will release steam automatically as you work.
  • Point the iron away from yourself to avoid burning yourself with the steam
  • Iron a section of fabric only long enough to smooth it, not long enough to dry it.
  • The fabric should be slightly damp when you finish ironing. If you're ironing a piled fabric, such as velvet, hold the iron slightly above the garment instead of pressing down on the material
  • Spray particularly deep wrinkles with the iron's spray function if water won't damage the fabric. Iron over the damp section to relax the wrinkles. Some materials spot when sprayed, so check the garment's label before using this function
  • Set the iron on its heel whenever you want to put it down. When you're finished, unplug the iron. Empty the water carefully while the iron is hot.
  • Rest the iron on its heel until it’s fully cool, then wraps the cord loosely around it and put it away.


Things You Will Need



  • Water
  • Ironing board




  • Use only clean water to fill your tank. Scented water or water containing fabric softener can stain the fabric.
  • If the garment is dark colored, iron the wrong side of the fabric to protect the color.
  • Turn the iron off before unplugging it.





  • Keep hot irons and their cords out of the reach of children.
  • Don't iron directly over buttons because the heat from the iron can melt them.
  • Don't iron over zippers or other metal details because they can scratch the iron's soleplate.


The latest and popular brands available in India are Phillips, Havells Sparkle, Morphy Richards Super glide, Bajaj Majesty, Phillips GS 1020. These can be brought online on Lime road.