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Buy Stick-On Bras For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Stick-On Bras For Women


Off-shoulder tops and backless dresses are some of that summertime stuff that we return to again and again.


The strapless, skin-baring appearance is famous for apparent logic: It is best suited for the moderately hot weather and adaptable in terms of styling.


We are also fond of the airy contours just as much as any fashion devoted women, but what happens when your strapless stick-on bra backstabs you and does not stick well?


What Is A Stick-On Bra?


Stick-on bra or sticky bra or an adhesive bra. These are three words but all of them have one meaning, that is a bra with no band or straps that glues to your breasts. A stick on bra provides the backing of a bra but is unable to be seen. It is best suited under backless and plunging tops and dresses.

Why Do Women Prefer Stick-On Bras?

  • The adhesive bra offers flawless curved shape from all sides to your breasts.
  • It conceals your nipples perfectly under steep and sleek tops and dresses.
  • They lend a wonderful cleavage by ensuring the seamless appearance.
  • It also averts unneeded motion and bouncing of your breasts.
  • It avoids slouchy appearing breasts and offers a suitable lift.

What Is The Best Way To Wear?

  • Firstly, properly clean your breasts with soap and water.

  • Then, make sure that the area is moistureless and avoid using any moisturizers before wearing the bra.

  • Then, peel the plastic from the back of the adhesive bra and position it on your breasts. For a good lift, grasp your breast up before positioning the cup on, beginning from the underneath of your breast first and then sticking the bra onto the top part of your breast.

  • Tie the front hook on the bra to pull the bra together offering a neat and precise cleavage.

  • It is recommended to pull out your stick on the bra at the end of the day.

Pro Tips


  • One should always wear the correct sized bra, be it silicon or not.

  • Selecting a wrong sized bra not only adds to discomfort but appears misshapen as well.

  • Therefore, you should get yourself measured at the store prior to purchasing a high-quality silicone bra.

  • Elseways, one should get her breast measured every half year and purchase bras accordingly.


How To Store An Adhesive Bra?

  • Make sure you store the sticky side of the cups capped when your bra is not being worn, so as to prevent dust from gathering. Many brands give a sheet to cover the bra, or one can also use cling-film.
  • Again, heat can deteriorate the silicone, so one should not keep the sticky bra close to a radiator, or where there is a lot of sunlight.


A sticky bra will someday give up its adhesiveness and need replacement, but if one takes care of it properly, then one could probably wear it dozens of times prior to that happens.


Limeroad offers a wide variety of stick-on bras. Now go ahead and add them to your cart right now before the stocks end.