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table spoons

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Table Spoons

What could be a better thing to add on to your cutlery than a tablespoon which is so mundane to every household that we don't use it for measurement instead we eat with the help of this sleek thing. A "tablespoon" is a large spoon used for eating as well as serving. They are bigger than a teaspoon but vary in a range of size itself.

This exquisite and elegant piece of cutlery comes in diverse range of sets from as low as single pieces to as high as 25 pieces a set. With brands like Mullich and Shapes, we've bought you a wide range of options to choose from.   

Tablespoons are manufactured from materials like stainless steel for everyday use to copper giving your table a lavish look with medical perks because of its antimicrobial properties. Also it comes in different sizes and dimensions depending upon its requirements and uses. These tablespoons are available at LimeRoad at jaw dropping prices to makeup for your dining needs.

Tablespoons are the biggest type in the wide category of spoons which also includes soup spoons, tea spoons, dessert spoons and many more. There are different sizes of table spoons dedicated to specified measurements and quantity mix for any recipe and are also used for the purpose of eating for adults. It’s big size makes it easier for having food and many other edible items.

Now & Then

Looking at the history of it, back in the 17th century spoons were other assets and was carried as a property what is like wallets, watches these days that people used to carry with themselves like a personal property and used their own spoon for eating but then somewhere in late nineteenth century it took a turn and with introduction to soup and dessert spoons this became a secondary thing and was used for serving and measurement.

Abbreviated as tbsp, 1 US tbsp is equivalent to 15 ml and 1 American tbsp is equivalent to 20 ml which is also equivalent to 2 dessert spoons or 4 teaspoons

From the sizes to the wide range of colours and pocket friendly prices with discounts up to 80% off adds cherry to the top, LimeRoad is here for you to make sure of  the setting of your table is up to the marks and presence of these tablespoon at your dining makes your life easier and add a chirpy and relish look into it.


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So have you decided where to shop table spoons from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this fashion platform your one-stop destination! Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!

Frequently asked questions
What is tablespoon?
A table spoon is considered to be a large spoon from which we eat and serve and are preferred for dining table setting.
1 answers
What is the shape of tablespoon?
Table spoon comes in different shapes which may be round at bottom and oval as well. Some teaspoons are pointed or sharp for peeling purpose.
1 answers
What is the difference between teaspoon and tablespoon?
A teaspoon is smaller than tablespoon and it is 1/3 times a tablespoon.Tablespoon are used for serving food and teaspoon are for eating curd and desserts and also used to pour sugar into tea, coffee and they can also be used for stirring.
1 answers
What does 1 Tbs stands for ?
1 Tbs is an abbreviation for 1 tablespoon amount of a certain thing that is a unit of measurement.
1 answers
Can we buy a single tablespoon?
Single tablespoon are hard to find because they generally come in sets starring from 2 pieces a set to 14 pieces per set.
1 answers
What material they are made of?
Normally they are made up of stainless steel but plastic and aluminium one's are also available in the market.
1 answers
What volume does a tablespoon hold ?
A table spoon can hold 15 ml of water and is 3 times a tablespoon and also 1/16 time a cup.
1 answers
Why tablespoons are used?
Oxford Dictionary have two definitions for Tablespoon one says it is used as eating spoon and other says that it is a serving spoon.
1 answers
Why we call tablespoon a serving spoon?
Tablespoon are large spoon and can be used as serving spoons which can hold 15 ml volume of cooked food.
1 answers
Can we use tablespoon for table setting?
Tablespoons are dinner spoons so they have to be present in dining table to complete you dining setting.
1 answers