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Buy tant kolkata sarees for women in India @ Limeroad

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Tant Sarees

Every woman knows in her heart that there is no piece of clothing more graceful than a beautifully designed saree! But most of the saree collections today are stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, because it seems like the tedium of handling a saree is just not worth the effort,right?


Well, for all the saree lovers out there, Limeroad brings a wide range of Tant Sarees for you to add a little flair to your daily lifestyle!

Why A Tant Saree?

Tant is a Bengali Saree, with simplistic designs suitable for daily wear. These sarees are specially handwoven in light cotton material, and can be worn at any time of the day, suitable in any weather. So, what do we learn from the Bengali traditions? That every time is “Saree Time”!


These sarees are mostly woven in minimalistic fashion, hence make for appropriate casual and home wear. They are characterised by plain colours, usually with a thick border and emphasis on the palla using simplistic hand painted or woven designs. Apart from this, a Tant Saree is also chosen on the basis of its transparency. A little basic care of starching and careful washing ensures a longer life for the sarees, and it all seems worth it because these are sarees to fall in love with!

Styling A Tant Saree

The best part about donning a Tant Saree is that you don't have to worry about looking either too overdressed or underdressed. These sarees are ideal for a number of occasions from wearing at home to a casual day out with friends or family. Even for women who are saree virgins, Tant Sarees are the answer to start with. However, it's good to put a little thought into what you wear, as ones attire speaks a lot about them!


  1. The classic style of draping a saree is the pleated style with the palla falling to the back. Since Tant is a lightweight saree, this style of draping makes it easy to handle and manageable. The White Cotton Printed Saree by Handloom Thread at Limeroad, for instance, is the ideal piece of daily wear.
  2. Tant is a kind of a Bengali saree, thus it stands out the best when worn in the Bengali draping style. This is done dropping the pallu in the front over one shoulder, and then pinning its end corner to the other shoulder. Draping the saree this way highlights the designer palla, and makes your simplistic saree go vogue, ready to be shown off! A White Cotton Tant Saree by Aayori at Limeroad is an ideal example for a saree that's ready to be draped Bengal - style. The gold borders and exquisite zari work gives the saree an ethnic ready to go look instantly.

There is nothing more pleasing that to be able to wear your favourite kind of clothing whenever you want, wherever you want. Look for an emphasised border as offered by Ethnigallery, or sarees with designer Pallas by Drapez, as from heavy to casual, we have it all for you to choose, only at Limeroad! Because why shouldn't one have variety even in the simplest of pleasures?