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Buy Tassel Necklaces For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Tassel Necklaces


Do you want to be the new Boho Chic? Are you looking for something to add liveliness to the fall season right around the corner? Well ladies, the reign of the Tassel is on, and be sure to find the best variety of Tassel Necklaces only at Limeroad to spark up your vogue this season!


Tassels are the new trend these days, and one can be sure to see some colour hanging around here and there with all kinds of jewellery. Tassels are made of a collective bunch of long threads, usually of silk or other materials. This gives them a soft and shiny appearance, only to compliment your best self! However, there is no show like that of a tassel necklace, which instantly adds balance to your attire.


Tassels For Every Occasion


Tassel Necklaces come in various designs for different occasions and looks. Their vital look makes it possible to pair them with almost anything and everything, be it Western, Indo-Western, or Indian clothing!

  1. The Dressy Look - Tassel necklaces come with dressy bibs of precious and non-precious metals. Check out the collection of dressy tassel Necklaces by Aaishwarya at Limeroad to add a bustle to your flared long skirt. A tight low bun and some hep kadhas are sure to add charm to this look.
  2. The Petite Look - The current in thing is a tassel pendant. Attached to a thin chain, these sleek pendants are usually adorned by a tassel or two to give it a shimmer. These go well with a short slim fit dress and high heels or a line trouser pants. Pair them with long thread earrings and here's your ready to go look! Everyone likes a little positivity added to their aura, and that's what our favourite dream catcher necklaces at Limeroad do!
  3. The Casual Look - The most simple kind of tassel necklace is a tassel hung to a chain. Tassels and pom poms have always been great in themselves. A single tassel attached to a long chain hanging just around the chest area has an instant way of adding vigor to your simple t-shirt and jeans. If you're looking for a variation, try the multiple chains tassel necklaces. These are sure to give you the breezy matinee look any time of the day!

What gives Tassel Jewellery an edge over other jewellery is the sheer lightweight. Tassel Necklaces give a floating feeling to the wearer and add a breezy look to the entire ensemble. And who doesn't like a dash of colour every now and then? Even our famous celebrities are seen to be sporting the Boho look lately, what with the longest of Tassel Earrings and the most extravagant Tassel Necklaces. In fact, many variations of Tassel Necklaces made of bone and beads are also hitting the fashion platform in a fast pace. So put all your doubts about “too bright” aside, and check out the style for yourself. We at Limeroad, promise to make you fall in love with colour this fall!