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Buy Tassel Loafers For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Tassel Loafers For Women

The new fashion trend in clothes,fashion Jewellery ,shoes, accessories are that of tassels. Tassels can be thin strands of clothings, or leather strips tied - up together and left hanging at the end or in the top or in the middle of a dress, jewellery or shoes or any accessory. Tassels always give a fresh look. It gives the product a Bohemian Style finish.


Creation Of Tassels


Tassel creation was first mentioned in the biblical book. In Hebrew Bible, Moses as he communicated to Lord. During pilgrimage, Moses told the pilgrims to create tassel as to remember each commandments of Lord and also for its Holiness. In France, tassel creation became a Lesson of Art. The people who created this tassel were called passementiers. This apprenticeship lasted for 7 years. French were proud of their new found artistic construction, that they started selling them in Europe for a low prices, and it captures the major trimmings I dusty of that time. The French artisans - passementiers had fled France during 1600’s to escape persecution. And, wherever they went they took their tools and skill. From, hereafter, tassel were being widely used and created during Renaissance period, from Empire era to Victorian Era, etc., Now, presently, the European and American artisans charges thousand dollars for a single-handed tassel. Now, the mass-production of tassel takes place at China, and we're exported globally.


Tassels, also known as tufts, were used in Oxford and Cambridge University undergraduate students for their caps. There is a golden Tassel, to differentiate themselves from others for higher status, so they could get the best accommodation as compared to others. Tassel is now widely, used for graduation caps all over the world. In the Middle East, tassel is used as a part of their head-gear. It is used more by the Arab children on their hood, to ward off off malevolent spirits or demons. Now, it is used for clothing, accessories, shoes, upholstery etc.


About Tassel Loafers


Tassel loafers are the simple loafers or lace less shoes with decorative tassels on them. They can be in the form of brogues or with kilting flaps. These loafers are mostly used as a casual wear but it can be used as formal wear but with proper pairing of attire. For example, Tassel Penny Loafers with leopard prints; monochrome brogues, with black or white tassel decoration. Or suede kiltie loafers with leather tassel decoration or moccasins with 360 ° lace and decorative tassel.


Whatever the style of loafers, a decorative tassel, adds a touch of uniqueness to it. Tasseled loafers came into existence after the Second World War, when a Massachusetts shoe-maker claimed he made the tassel loafers bring into existence,in the year 1950’s,in two-toned colour. Vamp of white and the rest part of the loafers in different colour. But, as a known fact, the Brooks brothers made the existence of Tasseled loafers known to the world, by putting them on display in their storefront. From, thereon, Tasseled loafers were used by lawyers, bankers and stock brokers for a preppy-country side look.


How To Style Tasseled Loafers?


Tasseled Loafers for Women As it’s a known fact, that loafers are simple and casual looking, but, to pair them with an attire is little tricky. And, especially, tasseled loafers, it gives an attire a preppy or a bohemian look.


So, how can one use tasseled loafers as a formal or informal or a festive wear?

● Brogue Tassel Loafers

1. Loafers of brogue design, that has a wingtip, with flaps, with leather tassel and has design on the top. These leather loafers can be paired with formal pants, of jodhpuri cut, and crisp white or light colors shirt. This attire can be paired with loops earrings.

2. If it's a black brogue tassel loafers, one can pair with off-shoulder monochrome line jumpsuits.

Leopard print penny tassel loafers

Formal: Penny loafers, with tassel and animal prints can be paired with pencil formal skirt, and solid colour cardigan and black top/solid colour blouse/frill cold shoulder beige top;accessories to be paired a pearl fashion jewelry /tassel fashion jewelry. Indian: This loafers can be paired with a straight cut kurti/shirt kurti /short kurti with a black legging of ankle length.

● Suede Belgian nubuck tassel loafers

This design of loafers can be paired with any ripped jeans and chequered shirts. Or, Any jeans and top combo with long shrug.

● Metallic pointed toe tassel loafers Western wear

This design of loafers can be paired with jeans and top.

Indian wear: -This loafers can be paired with Punjabi patiala suit.

- To be a unique bride, one can wear golden metallic pointed toe tassel shoes with choli and lehenga.

● Dark suede heel loafers with tassel

This pair of shoes can go well with top and frill skirt at knee length.

● Mule tassel loafers

This pair can go well with Punjabi patiala suits.


Hence, tassel loafers can be paired with formal or casual wear and for all ages too.


Shop From LimeRoad


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Frequently asked questions
What are kilted tassel loafers?
In 1950s Kiltie and penny were at a fashion show. At that time they saw kilt on the vamp of loafers, secure by leather string or tassels. The Kiltie tassel loafers had tassel held in place by a leather strand.
1 answers
What type of attire matches kilted tassel loafers?
● Formal trousers, fitted boyfriend jacket and white sleeveless camisole. ● Formal suit, with wide legged trousers ● One piece formal dress ● One piece bodysuit dress with a formal open blazer ● Flare knee high skirt, chequered shirt with collar and formal open blazer. ● Black halter top, black hipster pants and red one button blazer ● Asymmetric black blazer with fitted black trousers
1 answers
Which tassel loafers matches which attire?
● Formal trouser and shirt Kiltie tassel/simple tassel /belgian suede tassel/brogues with tassel ● Formal pencil skirt and blazer Penny tassel loafers/belgian suede loafers/Kiltie tassel loafers ● Formal one piece Penny tassel loafers/belgian suede loafers/Kiltie tassel loafers ● Jumpsuit with formal blazer Mule tassel loafers /penny tassel loafers ● Salwar kameez suit Mule Tassel loafers/belgian tassel loafers/ ● Punjabi suit Kiltie leather string loafers /mule tassel loafers
1 answers
I have penny tassel animal print loafers, How will I pair it with my formal wear?
You could pair this design of loafers with pencil skirt and formal shirt with a blazer. If you want, you can wear the loafers with net or plain stockings.
1 answers
Are there brogues with tassel available in loafers?
Yes, there are brogues with tassel loafers available on Limeroad. You can pair it with any formal trousers, especially wide flared one. Or., You can pair it with jumpsuits and a blazer.
1 answers
How can I pair my light blue Belgian suede tassel loafers with formal attire?
You can pair it with any linen formal trousers and blouse of pastel colors or in shades of yellow or pink or green, depending which color suits you.
1 answers
Is there mule tassel loafers available too? Is mule tassel loafers a formal wear?
Mule tassel loafers are available. It is a type of loafers which were available as boudoir shoes, but later it started to be used as formal wear. You can pair it with formal trousers.
1 answers
Is bow sort of a tassel?
Every tassel is in the shape of bow, yes, there is string based tassels too. Which is leather Kiltie loafers. But the actual tassel is the shape of bow.
1 answers
How did the name tassel get derived?
In the Hebrew Bible, Moses told all the Israelites to tie tassel athe end of their garment, so that they can remember the commandments and also to understand the Holiness. Later on, tassel was used as an ornament for curtains or upholstery. But these tassel are threads knotted together with an ornament.
1 answers
Is tassel loafers available in Gucci designs?
No tassel loafers are not available in Gucci designs.
1 answers