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Buy Teakwood Belts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Teakwood Belts For Men


Belts are a mix of functionality with a fashion statement. They aren’t just for holding up your trousers anymore, they create a completely perfect look when you wear them. One of the most popular choices for the making of belts is leather. The luxurious look and feel of the leather give that rich and sophisticated touch to the belts. The leather is a very ancient and durable material created through a process of tanning animal rawhide. Features of natural leather, like including durability, comfort, beauty, suppleness, and resilience make it superior to synthetic products. In addition, leather’s ability to patina and to absorb body oils enhances the appearance of leather and makes it more beautiful over time.


One of the top most brands that use leather to make belts in the market right now is Teakwood.  They create a classic range of leather products from jackets, leather shoes, leather bags, belts, watches, and even combo gift sets. Their new arrivals will constantly keep your fashion looks one step ahead, complimenting all your fall fashion looks. They make a range of leather belts that are purely lavish and a must-have. Buy these beautiful state of the art leather belts from Limeroad to enrich your wardrobe with the magnificent feel of leather.


The Luxury That Is Teakwood


Teakwood is a premium leather and travel brand that is born and designed in Frankfurt, Germany. They provide the customers with the luxurious experience of leather and travel products in an epic classic way. They have been serving their customers for 26 years and have a presence in Europe, USA, India etc. Leather belts mainly are meant for formal looks. Here are a few things you might need to consider while buying leather belts:


  • Print: We all know that leather comes in many prints and designs. Lizard skin belts (made of alligator or crocodile skin) are one of the most expensive belts in the market. There also are calfskin belts you could go for.
  • Color: The classics as we know are black and brown. Since leather belts are for formal attire, it is better to keep them classic and simple. While black belts go with anything and everything, brown belts are a little specific. It is a very important rule to remember that black suits with brown belts are a total disaster. Do not make this blunder.
  • Width: Remember the thumb rule for formal belts (literally) the belts that have width lesser than your thumb, are meant for formal use. Anything more than that looks casual and inappropriate.
  • Shoes: In a formal attire, the shoes, must and should, match the belt. Not just in the color, also in the finish. Plus points to you if you can match the metal of the buckle of the belt with metal on the shoe (if they have it).

These are a few basic tips to get you rolling. Make your formal look rich and attractive with the luxurious collection of Teakwood belts from Limeroad. Happy shopping to you!