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Buy Teakwood Leather Shoes For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Teakwood Leather Shoes For Men


Leather shoes are a must have for every man and it's the favourite type of shoes for many men. Leather shoes can be worn a formal wear or casual wear. Teakwood offers high end quality leather shoes. These shoes are available on LimeRoad. You can check the different types of teakwood leather shoes on LimeRoad..


Why leather?


Shoes are made from many different materials and in infinite colours and shapes. In the early days, the shape and appearance of a shoe was solely to protect the foot against injuries and the climate. However, in more modern times shoe styles have been heavily influenced by fashion and used to display the status of the wearer. As well as being more comfortable and better suited to the weather, modern footwear is specially designed for specific uses, including women's and men's shoes, slippers, sneakers, boots, hiking boots, sandals and much more.

Throughout the centuries, leather has been the primary material for shoes, mainly because it was always available in sufficient quantities. Today, although a variety of materials are used to make footwear, leather is still paramount, for a number of reasons. It can be formed, sewn, and made waterproof without losing its breathability. It is also very robust and offers excellent protection against foot injuries. You will never sweat as much in leather shoes, compared to those made from other materials. While fabric is also breathable, its waterproofing qualities and the level of protection it provides against injuries is significantly inferior to leather. Through these superior properties leather, is still the best material for shoes. Most substitute materials are processed solely for price reasons.


About Teakwood leather shoes


Shoes define who you are. They are a part of your persona. They are also the first thing someone notices when they meet you for the first time. And you cannot compromise on the first impression!Good shoes are destined to take you good places. And when it comes to shoes, nothing beats teakwood leather. Leather has always been a classic and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the future either. It instantly adds class to you look and increases you style quotient. If a man has to name one absolute staple in his wardrobe, it has to be his teakwood leather shoes.


Types of teakwood leather shoes offered by LimeRoad


The classic work wear


Black is a color that will always work at your office. Regardless of where you work, black is a color you will always see around. But only leather will make a statement. These formal work wear will make you stand out from the rest and instantly give you more confidence. You might as well make them your special interview shoes and you’d never get nervous


The casual formal affair


We understand how formal shoes isn’t every man’s cup of tea. But what do you do when the occasion calls for it? You got to put on those formal shoes, right? The semi-formal shoes from Teakwood feel just like your casual shoe but the leather gives it a formal vibe. They are perfect for a man who likes to stay comfortable and enjoys dressing down for occasions instead of going all out there.