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Buy Tennis Shoes For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Tennis Shoes For Men


Are you a Wimbledon fan? And aspire to play like Roger Federer and Andy Murray? So before you get your racquet and are ready to hit the court, it is essential to look into your basic tennis gear. The first and foremost being your outfit and tennis shoes. Tennis as a sport is a fast-paced game with quick stops, starts and lateral movement. Therefore, you need footwear that can stand up to your game and give you a grip over the court that you need while playing.


An interesting fact about tennis is that the first Wimbledon was held in 1877 and it was one of the first ‘Grand Slams’ to be found. The game of tennis has evolved over the years and it was first given a modern transformation in the 19th century in England as ‘lawn tennis’.Since then Tennis has changed and become a game of grace. Tennis is all about perfect eye-coordination, quick reflexes and fast body movement. A good pair of shoes will give you the ability to play at your own pace without any injuries.


Features Of Tennis Shoes


Due to the frequent jumps, quick reflex movements and the court influences the design of the shoes. A pair of tennis shoes should be comfortable, sturdy and give you grip so that you can move around easily. They are mostly more flat with specifically designed patterns under the sole depending on the type of court surface you intend to play.


Playing Style- There are two playing styles in tennis namely ‘serve and volley’ and ‘baseline player’. According to players' playing style, they can choose their tennis shoes. A baseline player plays primarily along the back line of the court. If you are a baseline player then you will definitely require shoes with lateral support and a durable sole is needed for constant motion.


A serve and volley player tend to put more pressure over their toes and slide their back foot along the court during a serve. Therefore, they require shoes with more cushioning towards the toes from preventing the player’s foot slipping.


Court Face Type- The tennis court that you play on has a direct impact on your shoe. Tennis courts can be classified under three types of court surface namely clay, grass, and hard or concrete surface. On a more concrete tennis surface, shoes are prone to wearing out. It is advisable to choose a pair of shoes with a leather or vinyl sole. For the soft surface court, shoes are designed with no damage traction in mind.


Hence, while choosing tennis shoes you have to keep external factors such as the court surface and your playing style in mind.


Shop At Limeroad For That Perfect Pair


Limeroad brings to you an array of tennis shoes in different designs and colour to choose from online. From the comfort of your home get a pair of perfect shoes delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is set a budget for the type of tennis shoes you need and can check up on a few reviews before you decide to buy a particular brand. Some of the brands available online on limeroad are Groofer, Royal collection, Duke and Furo.