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Buy Thermals For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Thermals For Men


Yes, the winter is coming and soon you’re going to be clad in tonnes of layers and looking like a walking pile of coats. Well if you are a fan of layers and do like wearing then, it’s a great season for you. But if you don’t, you are surely going to suffer the wrath of the cold. Especially for men, who usually aren’t fans of layers, thermals are truly a God-send. To save you from the trouble of weighing a hundred kilos, Limeroad brings to you a refreshing load of thermal wear.


The Advantages Of Thermals


Thermal wear is the best thing that can happen to you during winter. When you head out during winter, it is always a cliche to have a layer of clothes for protection and for proper insulation against the cruel cold. It doesn’t matter what you wear on the outside, thermal wear goes with anything as it can be worn quite comfortably inside your clothes. These are usually made of pure wool, cotton or acrylic materials and are highly comfortable. While saving yourself from the cold is the obvious motive, there are many more advantages of wearing thermal wear.


Some of the advantages are:

  • Thermal wear is made to fit you snugly and they are usually tight around the ankles and wrists. This is to ensure that cold air is prevented from entering your body when you are taking part in outdoor activities.
  • Thermal wear gives effective temperature control and is extremely useful when you perspire and want to remove the outer layer of clothing. Due to the thermal wear, you are kept warm and cozy even when you remove your outer layer of clothing.
  • Thermal wear is priced more reasonably compared to the other products that are used for the same purpose in winter. They are neither heavy nor bulky, you can also wear them in mild winter below your normal clothing.
  • Thermal wears save you the trouble of wearing heavy sweaters because they are highly beneficial as they are lightweight. You can still make the most of your fashionable self in winter if you own good thermal wear.
  • Last but not the least Thermal Wear are so designed that they absorb the perspiration. This is very beneficial as you are prevented from catching a cold in the winter months.

Overall, thermal wear as a winter product is an excellent choice. It is efficiently priced and provides warmth and comfort. Moreover, it is lightweight, absorbs perspiration and can be worn with your regular clothes. Thermal wear is a  great way to start your winter in style and put your best fashion foot forward. So don’t be afraid to go out there and buy a good pair of Thermal wear for this winter from Limeroad.


The Secret Behind The Warmth


Heat produced in our body leaves it in a number of ways, including conduction, where the heat transfers from a warmer object to a cooler object - if you ever sit on a metal bench in winter, you will definitely have experienced this; convection, where the heat transfers from a solid to a liquid or gas, like what you feel on a windy winter day or diving into a pool in summer; and evaporative cooling, that is, the process of a liquid changing state into a gas takes energy (in the form of heat) from its surroundings. Out of all these, thermal wear's main job is to fight evaporative cooling. Thermal wear wick or draw sweat away from the skin, to minimize the evaporative cooling. Wool, wool-bamboo blends and synthetic fabrics like acrylics have excellent wicking properties and keep you dry and warm while working outdoors. Wool has a capacity to absorb more than 30% of its weight in water before it starts to feel wet.


Thermal wear adds two more layers of clothing to your normal wardrobe. As it is made up from two-ply fabric, it traps more body heat than what a single layer of clothing would. This extra heat creates an insulation against cold air and prevents the loss of heat. When you wear these under regular clothes, they keep you warm for many hours in a cold environment. In very cold weather, heavy cotton or wool thermal underwear should be worn.


Thermal wear that is made of polypropylene fabric that retains more heat than other fabrics and is preferred by active people who like sports or who work outside. Along with holding a good amount of heat, it also works to keep sweat away from your skin. This type of thermal wear "breathes," which reduces body odor. It keeps you dry and warm by wicking moisture away from your skin. This happens in the same way a candlewick pulls oil from a lamp and up the fabric to be lit and burned. The fibers in the fabric absorb moisture on your skin and pull it away from the body thus preventing you from becoming cold, soggy, and frozen. My, my, enough about the logic behind it, now let’s get shopping!!!!


What To Keep In Mind Before Buying Thermals



Knowing what to look for in thermal wear can help you choose the right ones for you. To help you out, we have put together a little guide:

  • Fit: The perfect fit should support you and not constrict. Thermal wear functions practically like a second skin by creating an insulating layer between your body and the fabric. If a garment is advertised as an athletic fit, you can safely expect it to be snug. Form-fitting underwear allows you to comfortably wear layers over it.

  • Fabric: There are two components when it comes to picking the right fabric; the weight and the material.

  1. Weight: Each fabric has different weights and offers different advantages. Here are some general guidelines for picking the right weight for your base layer:


Ultralightweight: These are also called micro weight and are suitable for mild to cool conditions.

Lightweight: These are for cool to moderately cold weather and suitable for a high level of aerobic activity.

Midweight: These are for moderately cold to cold weather. These fabrics are the most versatile and are worn for a variety of recreational and sports activities.

Heavyweight: These are for extreme cold and frigid temperatures when more warmth is needed to regulate the body temperature. These are suitable for winter sports in the snow.


  1. Materials: The material of your thermal wear needs to be extremely soft and resilient to keep up with whatever weather conditions you might experience.


  • Synthetic: These are made especially for extreme cold conditions, synthetic fabrics are the best for thermal underwear. Polyester, lycra, spandex, and nylon are combined with other natural fibers to provide just the right amount of moisture-wicking properties and heat retention required.
  • Wool: Natural fiber merino wool cleverly balances your body temperature and provides great moisture management, no matter what the conditions.
  • Silk: Silk is a lightweight option for activities in moderately cool weather. Wear it for recreational snowsports and indoor lounging. It provides a luxuriously soft texture without adding bulk. The drawback with silk is that it transports moisture away from the body more slowly.
  • Cotton: Unlike merino wool, synthetic fabrics or silk, cotton retains perspiration. It leaves you feeling chilled, wet and clammy. Despite it being affordable, cotton is the least preferred option for thermal underwear comfort.


  • Function: There are many reasons to use thermal wear. You might need it for everyday use to provide warmth, or to give freedom of movement during physical activity, or to conserve your body heat in frigid temperatures?


  • For Warmth: Thermal wear regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm and dry. The heavier the weight of the fabric, the greater the level of warmth provided.
  • Stretch: Cotton is usually restrictive in its tendency to stretch uniformly. Wool has better stretching properties.
  • Loft: Low-density weaves in the fabric makes the garment keep its shape while trapping air between the layers. Fabrics with good loft help you keep your body heat with the least amount of space and the most amount of flexibility. They insulate the body heat and prevent the cold from reaching your body.
  • Moisture Wicking: This is important when selecting thermal underwear because the purpose of wearing thermal underwear is to stay warm and to stay warm – you definitely have to stay dry.


  • Styles:  You can use anything as the base layer for cold climates. Anything from t-shirts to briefs, to long-sleeved tops and full-length bottoms will do the job. There are 2 styles of thermal wear, a one-piece thermal underwear suit and two pieces bought separately or as a set which usually includes a long-sleeved top and a lower body piece covering the waist to the ankles. Both are very close fitting and contoured to fit your body or they can be looser fitting.



Taking Care Of Your Thermals


Thermal wear clothes are made of high-quality fabrics and are something that usually lasts long. You still need to take proper care of them because they are so close to your skin and they do affect your hygiene directly. Some tips to take care of your thermals are:


  • For cotton thermals, wash them cold water to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Allow cotton to air-dry for best results. For faster results, lay the thermal flat on a towel. Avoid hanging them because the fabric starts to stretch and lose its shape over time.
  • As cool as silk sounds, they are high maintenance. Silk thermals are to be hand-washed or the delicates option on the washing machine is to be.
  • Wool and cotton are similar in terms of maintenance. Wash them in cold water and dry on a towel for faster results.
  • Synthetic easy to care for and dry quickly. It is best to wash them inside out, with warm water. They are dryer-safe and maintain their original shape even when they are hung out to dry.


How To Look Stylish In Thermals


Men generally are a little uncomfortable when it comes to trends. Mostly because they might not actually be comfortable all the time. But once in a blue moon, a trend comes along that pleases everyone. Thermals belong to that category of trends. Of course, they are essential but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good, right?

Now here are some ideas you can use to carry yourself with more panache:


  • If you like experimenting, you can try wearing a henley over a regular tee to create the classic design, complete with buttoned placket and crew-neck.
  • You can use your regular thermals as a t-shirt and wear a jacket over it to give it more style and of course, more layers.
  • Those thin dress shirts can still be worn with style during winters if you wear a thermal t-shirt underneath. Don’t ignore the trousers though. You can still wear your favorite trousers in winters if you wear the thermal pant with it. Same goes for suits as well.
  • Jeans are no exception either. You can wear the thermals with your jeans (Maybe not ripped jeans though? Or maybe they’ll still look good, do let us know in your reviews! )

Well, that’s enough research. In true Game Of Thrones style, the winter is actually coming and we would love to help you prepare yourself to brace it. Browse through the extremely comfortable, high-quality, cost-effective and stylish collection of thermals from Limeroad and make yourself winter-ready.