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thermosteel bottles

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Thermosteel Bottles

As the summer is arriving , you need not to worry about cool water while you're away from home. Thermosteel bottles are an easy way to keep your chilled water chilled till your working hours. Thermosteel  bottles are made of double layered insulated steel due to which they keep the temperature of the liquid inside it constant.


Wondering how to select best thermosteel bottle for you? Here is all you need to know about it.




Thermosteel bottles are made up of stainless steel and double layered high-quality plastic or sometimes glass insulation is also used.  They are therefore very long lasting and durable.




Thermosteel bottles are made with stainless steel. Also the part of bottle which is on contact with the liquid is made up of food grade plastic or glass. Also it is bpa free. Thermosteel bottles thus do not leach into liquids and do not produce odor and taste in liquid.


Long Lasting Effect


The liquid inside thermosteel bottle remains cool for almost 8 to 10 hours. While hot liquid stays hot for almost 5 to 6 hours.  They are really well suited for work hours or school hours.



  1. 1.You can use thermosteel bottles for carrying cool water in summers.
  2. 2. Also you can use thermosteel bottles for carrying hot water if you are a coffee or tea lover .
  3. 3. You can use thermosteel milk bottles to carry milk for your babies if you are travelling.
  4. 4. Thermosteel bottles are best suited for children as they can drink clean home chilled water rather than drinking water from school.



Thermosteel bottles are available in various sizes as per your requirements. For kids half litre to 1 litre bottles are enough and easy to carry. For adults, 2 litre bottles are available.


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Frequently asked questions
What is the material used in thermosteel bottles?
Thermosteel bottles are made of two layers of stainless steel insulated with a plastic or glass insulation.
1 answers
Are thermosteel bottles BPA free?
Yes. Original high quality thermosteel bottle is always BPA free.
1 answers
Is a thermosteel bottle suitable for kids?
Yes thermosteel bottles are suitable for kids. They are BPA free and comes in small sizes which is easy to carry by your kids.
1 answers
Is a thermosteel bottle safe?
Yes a thermosteel bottle is made of food grade material so it does not leach into liquid inside it. Also it is BPA free, hence it is safe.
1 answers
How long does water usually stay cool in thermosteel bottles?
Water stays cool for about 16 to 24 hours in thermosteel bottles.
1 answers
Can we store hot water in thermosteel bottles?
Yes you can carry hot water in thermosteel bottles. They are designed to carry both hot and cold water.
1 answers
Is thermosteel bottle durable?
Yes thermosteel bottle is highly durable. It does not break easily on falling down or with little forces.
1 answers
Can thermosteel bottles store beverages?
Yes you can use thermosteel bottles to store beverages like milk tea and coffee.
1 answers
Is a thermosteel bottle recyclable?
Yes. Thermosteel bottles are made of steel and high quality plastics which are recyclable.
1 answers
Are they portable?
Yes thermosteel bottles comes with easy to carry design and are very handy and portable.
1 answers