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Buy Thigh High Boots For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Thigh High Boots For Women

Flat sole or with block heels, leather or suede, thigh high boots at first glance looks daunting. But it is most wearable specially for cold weather. Pull them up with leggings or skinny jeans or style them with midi skirts falling below the top of boots.

  1. Going monochrome- Worried about thigh high boots looking too provocative, then monochromatic outfits is your solution. Pair your thigh high boots with an outfit in similar hue to create an elongated effect that is chic and flattering. The colours you can safely play with are neutrals like black, grey or camel. You can also add a long coat to it.
  2. Contrasting colour or print- Best way to make over the knee boots look fresh is by wearing contrasting colours with your attire. Gray and brown are usually not combined but it works with boots cause they are so vibrant. Snakeskin boots are the current trends and so is yellow mango ones as they bring texture and colour to your outfit.
  3. With oversized silhouettes-  If your style is not that girlish over the knee boots. Wear it with skinny jeans and oversize blazer. The mixed proportion helps in diffusing the risqué look of boots.
  4. With long skirts-  Maxi skirts or any skirt that is long to cover the top of your boots is the most flattering item you can pair with tall boots. Many of us are of the opinion that only fuller skits are the best combination for thigh high boots. But narrow skirts looks great with tall boots too. Team with any heel height or shape, but for those of us who are uncomfortable with heels, flat boots are great choice to make your ensemble look dressy.
  5. With short skirts- A favourite style for many of us is to pair tall boots with short skirts, starting from mini to knee length style. You can add stockings with little shine or printed tights or opaque hose. But you can surely opt for bare legs if cold is not an issue.
  6. Skinny jeans- These jeans are the classic example of tucking into tall boots. If cigarette jeans are your style, you have the option of tucking them into dressy heeled boots to casual flat style.
  7. Dresses- Pairing these boots with skirts and dresses is dynamite. But many of us think otherwise for different reasons. Though we are not talking about pairing with your party dresses with frills and puffs or the formal ones. But at times this combination has rocked. Thigh high boots can be paired with standard every day dresses like minis, a-line, empire dresses,  wrap dresses, sweaters or shifts. The look can be achieved with simple, classic tall boots and not with super trendy or overly casual boot style.
  8. Wide cropped pants or gauchos- These pants are not always in fashion but when they are the thigh high boots are the best to pair with.
  9. With knee length dress- Pairing something delicate girlish with tough leather boots is an aesthetic no brainer. To get this look really right, pay attention to amount of skin peeking out between the top of boots and the hems of the dress. Select a dress which hovers so slightly or skims the top of the boot or reveal just sliver of skin. The experts tip is to wear bikers shorts underneath to avoid the cold and accidental wind blows.



Outfits To Avoid With Thigh High Boots

  • Baggy or pleated pants and jeans-This style is not at all flattering and it creates the ballooning effect which could shatter your self esteem. It is best to leave your wide legged pants- those with flat fronts on the outside of your tall boots.
  • Shorts- We have all seen celebrities wearing shorts with tall boots. But it is one of their perks of stardom. For rest of us this look is not worth.


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