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Buy Timex Couple Watches For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Timex Couple Watches For Women

Pair watches turn to be a new way to shower love. A perfect and classic way to show love and togetherness. Limeroad brings you the huge variety of exclusive Timex couple watches, that too in a purchasable price. A very elegant way to wear a classic chronograph. The very new way to celebrate affection with the Timex couple watches. We allow you to experience a presentative appeal in an entirely straightforward manner.


You can carry them on both, casual as well as a formal basis, without making many efforts. You can also gift them on anniversaries and further occasions. In fact, you can simply buy them together at the efficient price rate. There is no point of thinking once you check them out. The look is starkly fresh and appealing. The eye-catching chronograph would shine in the day to day routine. They would carefully grab attention anywhere. And would make your look outshine better somewhere or the other in a fine and sophisticated manner.  


The Timex couple watches are available on Limeroad in different styles and patterns. Each of them, different from one another. Digital and Analog Quartz now available for both, men and women. The straps are available in gold, metallic and leather. The gold, silver and white chain straps give you a posh, opulent look & go with any attire beautifully.


Also, you can wear them with ethnic and traditional outfits as well. The leather strap has a very refined touch. You can walk around wearing them comfortably all day long. You can clearly think about wearing them in the office and leave for a grand party in the night. The dials are also available in various colours, shapes and sizes. The straps, chronograph, dials, all of them with a brand new approach. The best part about all these couple watches is its comfort. Additionally, they are handy and durable inclusive of the warranty. Apart from the fascinating designs, the quality of the glass is undoubtedly great!.

The Top FIVE Timex Couple Watches Available At LimeRoad

1. Timex Analog Silver Dial Unisex
2. Timex Analogue Brown Dial-Couple Watch
3. Timex Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch
4. Timex Classics Quartz Analog Blue Dial-Couple Watch
5. Timex Classics Analog Gold Dial Pair Watch

All of these contrasting colours compliment each other pretty well, which is why it makes you feel more confident by yourself in the crowd. And helps you make a fashion statement then and there.  This definitely would count in quality all in one buy.

So Buy couple watches at the best price. Stop thinking! And shop only on Limeroad for the best offers.

Frequently asked questions
What is the Warranty Scheme?
Timex watches usually have the warranty of a year or so mentioned date. They will change the reconditioned or inspected components. Or they can simply replace your watch if anything happens within the warranty. Also, it will take around 2-5 days to get a response.
1 answers
Where are the replacement straps available? provides you the replacement watch straps on the strap pages. You can also call the customer care department for further enquiries and replacement policy. You can use your credit card or debit card to place the order. There might be a time difference of 7-10 working days between placing the order and delivery.
1 answers
What can be the cost of repair?
These charges depend upon the age and condition of the watch including its type and style. If the glass is broken or the the dial has damaged, there are separate charges for everything.
1 answers
What is the normal proximity to get my watch back?
Approximately 2-4 weeks.
1 answers
How to track the repair?
Call the customer care department for the status. They will get back to you with immediate effect.
1 answers
What colours are available?
These are available in multi colors, specifically designed focusing on the structure. Colours like white, golden, silver and black are commonly available.
1 answers
When will it be delivered?
It will take around 2-5 days to a week depending upon the distance and the place you live in.
1 answers
How can I style them?
These are made for both, casual and formal basis. So you can wear them with a straight body fit dress as well as with formal office wear. It will go in the daylight and the night time equally.
1 answers
Can I cancel the order?
Well, Yes. Before it gets dispatched for the delivery. You have the option of cancelling it. But once it gets delivered, you cannot cancel the order.
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