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Buy toasters & sandwich makers kitchen appliances for home kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Toaster and Sandwich Maker


Sandwich is the easiest, tastiest and healthiest go to snacks at any time of the day. The types of sandwich recipes available today are varied for everyone to choose from.  Eggs and Toast are common breakfast in many houses. So to make it healthier and the process less time consuming and convenient, there are two in one sandwich - toaster available in the market- Designed with high power and high-temperature functionalities to give you delicious, crunchy, and perfectly done sandwiches.


How does it work?


The high power of the appliance allows the grill plate to heat up very fast and reach the operating temperature very quickly, saving you precious time. The sandwich maker can work at high temperatures to toast sandwiches evenly. All these give you that delicious and crusty blend. This hot sandwich maker is totally safe for use. Simply push down the lid to easily close and lock the sandwich maker. The cool-touch handle allows you to check sandwiches, providing safety while cooking. The rubber feet keep the appliance in one place when operating.

The non-stick coated plates prevent sandwiches from burning and make cleaning easier. Aesthetically designed, sandwich makers can be stored in an upright position, so it won’t be a burden even in a small kitchen. They also come with cord winding storage facility for easy, neat storage. This simple and functional sandwich maker will help you make freshly baked and perfectly looking sandwiches within minutes. It’s a great appliance for day-to-day use which you can set and leave to cook while getting ready for work or walk.


Toaster, Griller and Sandwich maker all in One


Sandwich maker is about simplicity, usability, and safety. It offers the functionality of both a griller and a toaster, allowing you to make mouth-watering sandwiches with all kinds of stuffing.

The systematic progress indicator in them will let you control the cooking process in a convenient way. What adds to ease of use of this appliance is adjustable height control or removable plates, enabling to clean the plat for your safety of use, the unit is fitted with anti-slip feet and has a heat-resistant body so that neither you nor your kids could burn their hands if accidentally touched it. 

A stainless steel handle and vertical space protects the sandwiches from burning, overheating and making it convenient to grill or toast any size of bread with or without stuffing.

Some of the great brand available online are Nova, Phillips, Prestige, Bajaj, Majesty, morphy, Pigeon, Havels etc. One can check the latest in the model at an extremely affordable price at Limeroad- a Mega E-Store for all Your Needs by offering so many products under one roof.

Now enjoy grilled cheese, chicken, or tomato sandwiches without spilling the contents when you bite into one end as they seal your sandwich. This is a must for every kitchen.