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Buy Toe Rings for women in India @ Limeroad

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Toe Rings

Toe rings are an important part of Indian culture, they are often worn in pairs by married women on the second toe to signify their marital status, but are also worn by unmarried women. The pressure of the toe ring is supposed to help a woman’s fertility. They constitute a part of the sixteen ornaments to be worn by a bride to be. They add an element of beauty to a woman’s feet, and they look great with open-toed shoes to show them off, so they are a popular accessory to flaunt in summer. Toe rings are available in a variety of colours and designs, they are usually made of silver but these days they are also made of gold-toned metal.

Variety At LimeRoad

Toe rings started out as being worn to indicate a woman’s marital status but they are also considered a fashion accessory today. They have even gained popularity in the West in a wide range of designs. Toe rings are often paired with anklets and it makes a woman’s feet look attractively adorned. There are toe rings with decorations such as bells and engravings that look very attractive. Toe rings come in a variety of materials as well, such as wood, plastic, shell, etc. and range from minimalistic and stylish to regal and heavily adorned. These options from Limeroad can make your feet look like royalty:

  • Black Metal Toe Rings by Voylla: These toe rings have a beautiful oxidized silver finish and drop design. They would look great with fusion wear.
  • Silver Metal Toe Rings by Voylla: If you prefer plain rings that are versatile and go with every outfit, you can get these silver rings from Voylla. They are simple and elegant and would go with everything from elegant ethnics to Friday casuals.
  • White Metal Toe Rings by MUCH MORE: If you like gold-toned jewellery more, these toe rings by MUCH MORE will steal your heart’s desire. They are decorated with white stones that will bedazzle your feet and draw more attention to them!
  • Multi Metal Toe Ring by MUCH MORE: If you prefer a touch of colour on your feet, these toe rings have green and red stones that look simple yet lively. You can wear them with neutral coloured footwear if you want it to be the centre of attention or colourful footwear if you want to elevate the look of your shoes.


Toe rings, when worn with brightly coloured nail paint and sandals, are a great vibrant look for summer. It’s a great look at the beach with a long skirt or cropped cotton pants with a boho looking blouse and sandals. Toe rings worn with anklets (heavy and embellished or thin and simple) are a great way to draw attention to your feet in an outfit. Toe rings might just be the accessory you were looking for if you’re bored with necklaces, rings, and bracelets and are looking to try something new, start your search!