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Buy Towel Sets For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Towel Sets

Wet hands, clumsy ways, and unhygienic lifestyles are a daily show in today’s fast-track lives. The hassle of carrying towels around is something that deters us from taking things a more sophisticated way. Well no more. Shop here at limeroad for an exclusive towel set with various colour combinations and size variations.

Soft fabric and quality design is something you can be assured of while buying from limeroad. The extra soft towel series is handy and apt for use for all age groups. The servitude is unmatched and with limeroad, assurance of satisfaction is guaranteed. The wide range of products offered is something we designed, keeping in view with your daily needs.


Towel Sets serving the multitude of purposes, come in handy from your bathrooms to your kitchens, to your bedrooms. The hand towels come in handy in your cars, for office purposes and even while taking a snack out with your toddlers who like to make things messy.

Not only personal usage but even for commercial enterprises, like hotels and restaurants, quality towels not only add to your customer satisfaction but also instigate a good hygienic reputation for your enterprise. The varied use of towels is not only unending but also uncomplimentary.


The towel sets that are most prominently available in the market include the following variations:

Wash Cloth  (12” x 12”)

These are the smallest towels available. Used primarily to dry your face after washing or wiping it while dining.

Hand Towels (20” x 30”)

As the name suggests, these are best suited to dry your hands. These can also come in handy for other wiping purposes too.

Bath Towels (30” x 56”)

These are most prominently used towel types that are available in all our bathrooms. Used for the purpose of drying your body, after showers.

Bath Sheets (40” x 70”)

These are the large size towels use primarily for dual purposes of drying you after the shower and wrapping yourself in these is both comfortable and easy.

These are generally made available in sets of 9 pcs to 10 pcs. However, these can to customized as per customer requirements and solo utility pieces are also easily available.


The sets are available in various colours as they soothe your aesthetics or are best suited for your requirements. For domestic purposes we invite you to choose from the plethora of colour combination we have to offer, however for commercial enterprises, whites are the ones that are most accurate.

Quality And Fabric

Here at Limeroad, we offer you the best quality fabric, with intricate stitching that ensures a seamless experience while using our products. The longevity, clubbed with soft fabrics and self fulfilling sets enhance your satisfaction with the products.


So choose from the wide range of options available at limeroad, for your varying needs and we will look forward to provide you with an unparalleled experience through our collection of towel sets, revolutionising your experience with towels, in a manner you have never had before. The towels in your lifestyle will never be the same again.