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Buy Trekking Shoes For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Trekking Shoes For Men


Trekking requires good health condition and a great pair of shoes. The shoes must be comfortable, flexible, fit and most importantly it should provide protection to your feet and not damage it. Ill-fitted or wrong shape might cause serious injury to your feet, so make sure you are wearing the right size.

Sturdy boots are great for winter weather hikes. Go for a boot which provides you with high support for your ankle, has a thick sole to keep your feet at place and padded, has a good grip on the ground so that you don't lose your balance or footing on the ground.

Although styling trekking boots in a day to day style is difficult since they are made for a special purpose but trekking shoes can be worn in normal days as well (city) as in the mountainous region. To style them, you need to put that extra little effort. You cannot create a sporty look if you go for too many elements, try to keep it as simple as possible. You can wear boots, black chinos with casual grey jumpers. Keep the look sturdy and let the focus be on your exotic boots. Here's a tip for you, always be sure of your size when buying trekking shoe, try the shoe, walk in it for a while, then go for it. A wrong size will be a disaster and might injure you.


Know Their Types


There are mainly three types of trekking shoes

  • Hiking shoes
    These shoes are lightweight, provide less support and are super flexible. These shoes will be best suited for either well-defined trails and short trekking when you do not have to carry a lot of weight at back or for those who are not solely dependent on their shoes and are confident about their ankles, calves and legs. These shoes are generally made of leather, suede or synthetic reinforcement that provide for a support structure.
  • Hiking boot
    Hiking boots are generally great for trekking since they are made for rough terrain trekking with undefined trails. These boots provide better grip, support, more stiffer then hiking shoes. These shoes are great if you're carrying moderately heavy load on your back and provide for the support that your legs might need.
  • Backpacking boot
    These boots are perfectly perfect for those who are going for more than a day trekking and have to carry lots of loads on their back. These are super sturdy, higher than both hiking shoes and boots, gives best support to the leg. They are best for any weather and any terrain. If you are a regular trekker and like to take risks and go in rough and undefined trails, this shoe is perfect for you. But if you are more of easy going person, going on a trek for fun, you should not opt for this, rather go for hiking shoes.


Best Boots For You


Find the best pair of trekking shoes that fits you right, doesn't hurt your feet and makes your trekking successful. LimeRoad has a wide collection of trekking shoes, price ranging between Rs. 349 to Rs. 4195. The brands you love Red Chief, Lee Cooper, Adidas and lots more. You will find all these products on the official website of the LimeRoad or you can download the app from Google play store or from the IOS store.