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Buy Tumblers Kitchen Storage For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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When we hear the word tumbler, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is used to carry water. These days plastic tumblers are highly used by students and office going people. The pleasure of drinking water from a glass is different and a tumbler gives you that pleasure.


Plastic tumblers are very easy to carry around and it fits in our bags perfectly. They have a wide mouth so drinking water from tumblers gives you the feeling of drinking from a proper glass. Keeping the water without covering is not good and so tumblers are preferred because they come with a lid.


LimeRoad has a collection of tumblers from Tupperware, Homme and Stallion Barware. The quality of their product is super amazing and you will definitely find exactly what you're looking for.


The Story Of Tumblers


The word tumbler can be traced back to the 17th century. It was originally used to refer to metal mugs particularly with round flat bottoms that make them easier to be pushed around the table. That is how the name was derived because it kept tumbling around the table.


Back in those days, tumblers were used in serving beer. And since it was used for beer, they were huge in size. It had a tradition that if the tumbler was pushed towards you, you’ll have to drink the entire beer in it at one go.


As time passed by the word “Tumbler” was used as a synonym for cups and mugs. New explains does say that it is not necessary that the size or shape of the container should be of a particular size to be called a tumbler.


The New Age Tumbler


Today tumblers are absolutely different from what it was during its discovery era.  They have evolved from being just beer carriers to water, juice, coffee, tea etc., carrier. Tumblers are usually made out of plastic or stainless steel these days. It usually comes with a cover and the size is something that is convenient for us to carry it in our hands or bag.


Tumblers play a major role in office going people's day to day life. While leaving for work in a rush, they can easily carry their tumbler filled with their prefered beverage or juice on the go. Double layered tumblers are available which can keep hot and cold drinks in a particular temperature for a long period of time.


On the other hand, we have the plastic tumbler. Since plastic is a material that can be shaped and coloured in any way as desired, it is available in many colors and shapes. The different colours add a touch of fun in its appearance and so these are extremely popular among kids. These are manufactured in a spill proof manner and so it is actually very convenient for kids to use.


You should always invest your money not just spend it. For the best quality and branded tumblers, you should definitely go check out LimeRoad. They have a class collection of tumblers in the most reasonable price range.